Yaniv Erlich

genome hacker, digital-era geneticist


The 36-year-old Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Computational Biology of Columbia University is a Core Member at the New York Genome Center. The Center’s mission is to save lives via transforming biomedical research and clinical care. His lab, consisting of a group of computer scientists, statisticians and experimentalists, serves as the state-of-the-art hub for genome sequencing, analytics, bioinformatics, high-performance computing and research, focused on building new tools and algorithms for studying human genomics. Yaniv and his team plan to develop new strategies in order to harness datasets from millions of people through social media and scientific resources. Utilizing this information, the lab will work to analyze the genetic architecture of complex traits to work toward bridging the missing heritability gap. Yaniv was also a Principal Investigator at the Whitehead Institutefor Biomedical Research, MIT, received a BSc in Computational Neuroscience from Tel-Aviv University in Israel and a PhD in Genomics from the Watson School of Biological Sciences at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. He has received several awards, including the Burroughs Welcome Career Award and the Harold M. Weintraub Award, and was selected as one of Tomorrow’s PIs team of Genome Technology. His research features in national and international media, including the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.



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