Tóth Árpád

Music teacher, choirmaster, artistic director


Árpád's talk will be in Hungarian.

Improvisation,humour,a shared creative process and experimenting – these are the main characteristics of cheerful, young conductor Árpád Tóth’s major achievement: Hungary's largest community choir, the now 400-member Csíkszerda. Besides conducting five sub-choirs and being the Art Director of the Night of Choirs’ events, Árpád also has ‘regular’ jobs at the Music Academy, the Kodály Institute in Kecskemét and the Fine and Applied Arts Vocational High School in Budapest.

For him, singing as a lifestyle began early. Even as a  schoolboy he was teased for his constant humming – on the street, during breaks, and even in his sleep. From there, a straight path took Árpád to the Hungarian Radio’s Children Choir and the Béla Bartók Conservatory, where he graduated, majoring in music theory and harp. Later, at the Academy of Music, he earned no less than three degrees and a PhD.

After his highly successful, yet conventional training, Árpád realized that deep down he was still the same same child singing in the street that he used to be. His only desire was to surrender to the joy of singing, with as many others as possible. However, to fulfill this dream, he had to break down a set of stereotypes in people’s minds about singing being ‘embarrassing’, transforming the common perception to ‘cool’. It was with these ideas in mind with these ideas in mind that he created Csíkszerda, Hungary’s largest community choir..

Árpád regularly holds workshops for choirmasters and music teachers around the world (Mexico, China, Australia, South Korea). He inspires them to safeguard the flame within, and to help spark it off in others, invigorating that innate, instinctive musicality through singing.


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