Szirtes Edina "Mókus"

violinist, composer, singer


"A medley of voices and sounds, born out of admiration for and inspiration by music in its broadest sense”this is what Edina Szirtes “Mókus” seeks to achieve. One of the most versatile Hungarian musician-singers and composers of today, who creates and performs with amazing ease in almost all musical styles and genres including classical and pop, folk, jazz and world music, even composing for theatre and film. She believes music is a wonderful, universal instrument that can take us close to something much more noble, which all true things are part of. Founder and member of several music groups, she performs with great success at local and international concert halls and festivals. In addition to four orchestral albums, she has also released two solo albums. Both as a performer and composer, she has been recognized by prestigious Hungarian and foreign awards, including multiple Artisjus and Fonogram Prizes; in 2006 she was a finalist in the US Songwriters' Competition; and in 2012, she was the first female composer in Hungary to be elected by Artisjus the Best Pop Music Composer of the Year.



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