Szabó András Ákos

university student, blogger


Ákos András Szabó could be defined as a personal trainer of the soul, although as an actual weight lifter, physical training also stands close to his heart. The 23-year-old young man addresses those who seek to find their personal paths in his blog, regardless of gender, age or goals. He evokes his non-everyday adventures to illustrate his views on personal and spiritual development, referring to real events, experiences and knowledge. Through his motivational emails, he strives to provide enthusiasm and zest on a daily basis in a world where, in the midst of many challenges, everyone needs more willpower than he or she alone can sustain. He shows his readers places and opportunities to draw inspirational ideas from, and then helps shape the thoughts into habits. The young university student encourages his audience to believe in themselves, see clearly and be honest with themselves, as his philosophy says these are the first steps towards a happy, balanced life. With his work, he would like to contribute to the growing popularity of self-development in Hungary – a topic already hot in Western Europe for decades.

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