Riskó Bence

Poet, writer, slammer


Bence's talk will be in Hungarian.

Poet and author  Bence Riskó is best known for his passionate slam poetry performances on stage and as a founding member of the Zugpoetry Literary Circle, with two anthologies already making note of him. Born in 1993, he is a certified tour guide by trade, who, despite his tender years, found the opportunity to try himself in many other genres. As a member of a high school drama group, Szín-Pad-Ra, in Balassagyarmat for nearly 10 years, he won several national, regional and county-level contests. He worked as a journalist, did school radio, anchored programs, and makes no secret of the fact that he also just wandered around for a while.

He is proud of his rural background, has strong ties to his regional, native „Palóc” culture and the forests of the Ipoly-valley - these themes often appear in his entertaining yet thoughtful works. He grew a passion for writing and poetry during high school. Apart from his literary performances enriched by large word-storms, he is also active in a more traditional role as a master of wedding ceremonies. He looks at the world as a giant playground, where it is up to us to find the toys and make up the games.

He often sings parts of his slams to nostalgic folk or retro pop tunes known to the audience, yet the style and contents of his words are modern and cheekily critical. At various exhibitions and interactive readings, the young poets of Zugpoetry fight against the boring, monotonous “litter-ature” taught in schools. Their aim is to bring a wittier and more entertaining contemporary poetry - and contemporary poetry in general - closer to the heart of the audience in Hungary.

Bence is currently working on his first book of poetry and his first novel.


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