Paul Oomen

Composer, curator, technologist


Paul's talk will be in English.

Composer and entrepreneur Paul Oomen is best known for his wizardry of combining technology, theatre and sound in four dimensions, creating a special musical language of his own. In 2015, he founded the Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest, a global center for R&D in spatial sound and immersive sonic environments.

Born 1983 in Amsterdam, Paul began his career as a theatre actor and director.  As a musician by training, skilled in percussion, piano and singing, he soon started composing music for theatre and opera. In 2012, he turned to work exclusively on the investigation of space, sound and perception with his newly founded company, 4DSOUND. The same year saw the premiere of his 5-hour opera - ’Nikola’based on the life of inventor Nikola Tesla. It is the first ever composition and live performance in 4DSOUND in which techno meets opera. The piece is staged inside Tesla's head, full of noises and information, with vocals emerging from within the audience immersed in techno sound designs set for the 4DSOUND system. The performance transcends the border between a club and a theatrical space.

Paul has done over sixty spatial sound productions up to date. He has worked with numerous internationally acclaimed artists such as Mark Fell, Vladislav Delay, Dasha Rush, Murcof, Biosphere and Lisa Park at international festivals such as Berlin Atonal, Amsterdam Dance Event, TodaysArt and IX Symposium Montréal. He holds a BA and an MA with Honors in Music Composition from the Conservatory of Amsterdam and the Universität der Künste Berlin.He practices a philosophy of sound and occasionally publishes lectures and writings in this field.


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