Isfandiyar Shaheen

Investment expert, deal doer


Asfi's talk will be in English.

Asfi's 10 year long career has been a mix of executing mergers and acquisitions deals, building (and crashing) two startups, managing a private equity fund and serving as a director in boardrooms of large publicly listed corporations. He also served as the Head of Investment Banking at Foundation Securities where he co-managed the buy-side effort for United Energy Group to acquire British Petroleum’s Assets in Pakistan – a transaction valued at $750 million.

In 2014, he led an early stage investment in an infrastructure sharing company called Towershare, which has now become the largest tower sharing company in the MENASA region. Asfi's involvement with Towershare exposed him to the ills of the digital divide. He believes that access to free (or very low cost) telecommunications services should be a fundamental human right globally. He is passionately advocating for available, affordable and sustainable data transfers and for that goal, he lobbies telecom operators to share their infrastructure.

Asfi has a degree in mathematics from Franklin and Marshall College and loves modeling out how exponentially accelerating technologies will impact business solutions. He taught financial modeling at a leading business school in Pakistan between 2009-2016 and also serves on the board of a technology incubator and community hub in Pakistan, The Nest i/o. He currently resides in Dubai with his wife and two dogs living out his motto “I believe that you owe yourself an incredible life.”


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