Gergely Vera

Plain language consultant


Vera's talk will be in Hungarian.

As a communications expert, Vera’s aim is to promote the use of plain language: her dream is to make the clear and concise wording of official documents compulsory, as she believes that all citizens have the right to understand what officials wish to tell them.  

She helps companies, such as banks and insurance agencies, communicate in a clearer fashion, partly by re-writing their incomprehensible texts full of technical terms and partly by acting as a consultant/trainer. Since 2015, together with the news portal, she co-organizes the “Clear?!? Award” to identify the most and least comprehensible Hungarian official texts, and award them with serious or humorous category prizes.

Vera is often invited to give talks on the subject, fortunately by organizations like the National Judicial Office (OBH), among others. She recently spoke at the "Clarity of Public Institutions" conference where the OBH dedicated the year 2017 to clarity and plain language at courts around Hungary.

Vera’s next goal is to see many other institutions and firms take up the use of plain language. Together with the members of a Facebook-group created for this goal, she tries to find the most effective ways to make this happen.

Vera got her MA in Social Policy and Economics at Corvinus University of Budapest and pursued a career in IT at the internationally known Hungarian startup, Prezi. She started dealing with plain language in 2014, the year she launched her blog entitled ‘Clear Talk.’  She is a Board Member at PLAIN (Plain Language Association International).

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