Courtney Gras

Entrepreneur, former NASA engineer


Courtney's talk will be in English.

Courtney Gras is an engineer by training and an entrepreneur by nature. Having raised nearly a quarter-million dollars for her startup, she left her job of power systems engineer at NASA and started to work for her own company. Courtney now utilizes her engineering background to serve the tech-entrepreneur community by supporting and empowering young entrepreneurs and building strong startup ecosystems. She currently serves as Executive Director for Launch League, a nonprofit organization based in Ohio that seeks to increase the success of startups by establishing connections between founders and resources.

Courtney co-founded the Akron-based clean energy startup, Design Flux Technologies while an undergraduate in Electrical Engineering at the University of Akron. Serving as Chief Operations Officer, she was named a “Forbes 30 Under 30” for her contributions within the organization in 2016. She has also been called one of the „Top 40 Under 40 in Cleantech” by Midwest Energy News, and added by Chicago business magazine Crain’s to its list of top “Twenty in their 20s”. She also received the Female Founder Prize for 2015 through the Clean Energy Challenge from Chicago-based utility company ComEd.

Courtney has traveled around the globe speaking on the topics of entrepreneurship, women in tech, and clean energy. She frequents colleges and universities, following her passion for educating students on what it takes to be an entrepreneur.



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