Bozsik Gyöngyvér

Interpreter, translation researcher


Gyöngyvér's talk will be in Hungarian.

Anthropologist, interpreter, university professor, opera researcher – four professions, four different people, one might assume. In this case, however, they all come together in one person, Gyöngyvér.

Although primarily an English major at ELTE University in Budapest, she also studied cultural anthropology and combined both with teacher training. Later she got degrees as a professional translator and interpreter in economics and social sciences and also as an EU conference interpreter. Then came foreign economics, as she believed this would facilitate her work as translator and interpreter. Her PhD focuses on opera translation inspired by the fact that she played the violin for over 10 years.  Eventually, she did not pursue a career in music; however, it continues to be part of her everyday life.

From a teacher of English, she soon became a professional interpreter and translator. She regularly works for international organizations, embassies, public and private companies, and has been a university lecturer since 2010.

Gyöngyvér is a regular speaker at conferences both at home and abroad. In 2014, her research work – with the recommendation and support of Lady Solti – was funded by a Campus Hungary grant. Her aim is to help opera translation receive due credit within translation studies and improve the quality of opera translations – singing versions and surtitles alike. She is an admirer of Italy; one of her cats bears the name of Hungarian opera singer Lajos Miller.


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