Bakáts Téri Ének-zenei Általános Iskola SoulAir kamarakórus

SoulAir Chamber Choir


Unity or division, exclusion or solidarity, competition or cooperation? Kristóf Deák’s Oscar-winning short film, "Sing" follows the spirit of the age when looking for answers to these seemingly simple but extremely difficult questions. Musical harmony and a harmonious community: this is the essence of the SoulAir chamber choir that plays a key role in the short film.

Just over two months after the Oscar of "Sing", now the TEDxDanubia audience can get to know the Chamber Choir of the Bakáts Square Elementary School of Music in Budapest. Having been a school of music with choirs for 60 years, the school’s SoulAir choir was founded in 2010 and has been led by Mónika Molnár. In addition to events in Budapest, they have performed in a number of European countries. Their repertoire includes gregorian, renaissance, baroque and twentieth century classical pieces, as well as high quality contemporary pop music.


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