TEDxDanubia Scholarship Program 2017

TEDxDanubia Scholarship Program 2017

100 students, teachers, researchers, artists and intellectuals will have the chance to attend TEDxDanubia 2017 conference for free as part of our scholarship program! Apply by 16 April.


The TEDxDanubia Team offers 100 places for those who do the most for our community - teachers, students, scholars, researchers, activists and intellectuals.

Aims of the Program

The Scholarship program has been designed for those, who are actively building our society and do the most for all of us - teachers, students, researchers, scientists, activists and intellectuals - who are exciting and interesting people. The program is open to those, who always wanted to attend TEDxDanubia conference, but did not have the possibility so far.


You can apply by following these simple steps - only applications where the "Introduction" section is filled in will be processed. Application deadline: 16 April 2017, midnight.

1) Register a user profile on our website or log into your existing profile.Provide the necessary details and fill in the "About you" section. Your application will be based on the answers you provide. Tell us why you'd like to attend and how you would benefit from the experience. Tell us about you and your projects, dreams, aspirations the best as you can.

2) Navigate to the page of the 2017 conference and "click sign up" then "Apply with a TEDxcode"

3) Provide the necessary information and enter the application code: OPATEDxD2017 - you will also need to provide 3 keywords that would be printed on your badge to facilitate networking and conversation.

4) Submit your application

The selection process 

Applications will be processed and successful attendees selected by our curating team. Out of all applications, 100 applicants will be chosen to attend the conference. We will take into consideration the date of your application, and the motivational text you provide at the "Introduction" section.

Application period

Applications will be accepted between 27 March 2017 and midnight of 16 April 2017.  Applications received out of this interal will not be accepted.

Notifying successful applicants

Winning applications will be notified between 19-20 April in email, in which you will receive further information. Successful applicants will only need to print your tickets and attend the conference on 4 May.

Privacy Policy 

Our Privacy Policy has been devised in line with TED's Privacy Policy.

Terms and Conditions

Application is open to all natural persons over 18 years of age. Those applying to our Scholarship program automatically accept the terms and conditions governing this program. The TEDxDanubia Team reserve the right to cancel or amend the Program and these terms and conditions without notice.

Good luck and hope to see you soon! :)

TEDxDanubia Team