'Alone and Together' - TEDxDanubia 2017's theme

'Alone and Together' - TEDxDanubia 2017's theme

TEDxDanubia’s main theme this year  - Alone and Together - has been inspired by our everyday reality. Connectivity has never been so self-evident and important like today. However, despite our hyper-connectedness, we might as well live our lives isolated while we are drifting farther from each other.  

Connectivity could completely rewrite the notion of being alone or being together. 

This year, we will discover and dissect this fascinating theme TOGETHER with the brightest minds from around the world through their personal stories, research, discoveries and dreams. All of the talks will be centered on the theme of “Alone and Together”: we will have Giulia Enders, medical doctor and best-selling author (of the book “Gut”, centered on the inner workings of our body); artist, producer and an exceptional musical talent of Indian origin, Gingger Shankar; István Kenyeres, Hungarian biotechnologist whose inventions aid international space research; or the Polish professor of institutional management Maciej Kisilowski …and many more!

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Looking forward to having you with us!