TEDxDanubia 2016

TEDxDanubia 2016

2016-05-19 Uránia Nemzeti Filmszínház

Invisible Tomorrows

Are we doomed? Or do we have a bright future ahead of us? Embedded in a new world of exponential change and exploding complexity, we have never had a more open future ahead of us. Almost anything seems within reach: from catastrophic disasters to a new stage in human evolution. Just a step or two away from us lies an infinite number of potential futures. Dizzying. Frightening. Inspiring. And it matters: we will have to live in the world we create.

But it is us who shape this future. So it is worth to stop for a moment, take a step back and consider the wider picture. To understand the past and explore the future. To perceive potential scenarios and unseen possibilities. Dangers and opportunities. Rooted in reality, infused with an open mind. What is our relationship with our future? Has it changed? Does it matter? What do we see? And what do we not see that we should? Where do we come from? Where are we heading? How do we succeed? How do we survive? How do we flourish? For we can only change our world if we are prepared to imagine something better.

We aim to surprise, enchant and challenge you. To make you think and rethink. To spark meaningful conversations, to raise new questions, to awake passions and to inspire interest. We invite you to share with us yet another intellectual and emotional journey through this exciting landscape. See you in May!



1030 - 11 45
Arrival, Registration
    1030 - 11 30
    Professions of the Future - Open Workshop by KÜRT Academy

    The future holds endless opportunities for the adventurous but will be hard on the unprepared. Disrupted industries, business models never seen and highly skilled customers mark the way of new technologies. For that it is everyone’s chance and responsibility to re-define his or her professional life.

    Join in this open workshop to discuss ideas and questions on professions of the future with thought leaders invited by KÜRT Academy as conversation hosts: Tamás Bíró, András Bodrogi-Bozán, Kitti Borissza, Zsombor Fekete, Richárd Lévai, Tamás Kürti, Tomi Mester, László Mérő, Gábor Papp, Róbert Pintér, György Simó Rita Veres and Péter Vityi.

      1145 - 13 00
      Opening Session: Bold at Heart

      We need to be brave and bold to face our future. In our rapidly and fundamentally transforming reality, we cannot afford to be captive of our existing ways. We need those who can frame new questions and dream new answers. We need leaders and first followers who defy conventional wisdom and try against the odds. It is about being on the road, with great promise, but no certainty.

      • Alisée de Tonnac
        Alisée de Tonnac
        global start-up convener, Co-Founder of Seedstars World

        Alisée de TonnacAlisée de Tonnac global start-up convener, Co-Founder of Seedstars World

        After travelling around the world for a year to set up the first edition of Seedstars World, a global seed stage start-up competition focusing on emerging markets, Alisée is now managing the company, the flagship brand of the global organisation, which has activities in 65+ emerging mar...

      • Szentesi Éva
        Szentesi Éva
        author and editor at WMN.hu

        Szentesi ÉvaSzentesi Éva author and editor at WMN.hu

        A real self-made woman, Éva is renowned for her sincerity and heavy-handed irony both as a popular blogger and an online journalist. Although she graduated as a set and costume designer, she soon turned towards writing. She started her blog ‘Lipstick and mirror...

      • Laura Kriefman
        Laura Kriefman
        Architectural choreographer

        Laura KriefmanLaura Kriefman Architectural choreographer

        Known for her groundbreaking work in Augmented Dance: The fusion between movement and technology, Laura Kriefman’s recent work includes Mass Crane Dance (www.masscranedance.org) which was launched as part of her Creative Fellowship with WIRED ...

      • Lubics Szilvia
        Lubics Szilvia
        Ultra-marathon runner

        Lubics SzilviaLubics Szilvia Ultra-marathon runner

        Often labelled as one of the toughest female athletes of the world, 42-year-old Szilvia is an amateur long-distance runner and ultra-marathoner, whose outstanding achievements are hard to list. She won the 212-kilometre-long UltraBalaton race around Lake Balaton twice, the second ...

      • Balogh Tamás
        Balogh Tamás
        jazz pianist, composer

        Balogh TamásBalogh Tamás jazz pianist, composer

        The twenty-two-year-old jazz pianist and composer is still a student at the Jazz Department of Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in Hungary, but has already achieved several remarkable results, staged large-scale concerts and won prestigious music awards, both individually and with his band...

      • Kőszegi Tamás
        Kőszegi Tamás
        film and animation director

        Kőszegi TamásKőszegi Tamás film and animation director

        Ever since Tamás can remember, his field of passion has been images and storytelling. He wrote and directed puppet shows at the age of seven and soon started to channel his creative energies into filmmaking, directing short films from the age of 14, using a variety of tools and styles. ...

      • Csiszár Mátyás
        Csiszár Mátyás
        creative technologist, media designer

        Csiszár MátyásCsiszár Mátyás creative technologist, media designer

        The Budapest-based media designer labels himself as ‘a creative industrial technologist and interdisciplinary freelancer.’ Researching unique imaging and image-display systems, his publications and installations focus on understanding everyday objects sustaining our day-to-day exi...

      1300 - 14 00
      Lunch break
        1400 - 16 00
        Session 1: Shifting Minds

        Proust once said that the secret to real adventure may be found not in going to new places, but in seeing the world with new eyes. As change becomes faster and more overwhelming around us, however, this insight may not only be about adventure anymore. It may have become a necessary tool and ability for survival and success in the 21st century. For as the world changes, so we must change the way of seeing and making sense of it as well. Maps are transformed, questions are changing, systems are shifting. We are changing both what we ask and also the way we ask them. So what are the real questions and dilemmas? What are the fundamental and defining trends? What questions have we not asked and where have we not looked for answers? Is the impossible really impossible? What should we notice and pay attention to? And how to fit the mosaic pieces together?

        • Lexi Mills
          Lexi Mills
          digital anthropologist

          Lexi MillsLexi Mills digital anthropologist

          A multi-award winning specialist in digital communications, British-born and raised in South Africa, Lexi combines technical knowledge, analysis, understanding of the Internet and human behaviour with insights and creativity. She designs data-driven strategies to understand and influence human be...

        • Daniele Ganser
          Daniele Ganser

          Daniele GanserDaniele Ganser historian

          One of the most intriguing historians of our times, Daniele Ganser specializes in contemporary history since 1945 as well as international politics. Focusing on the intricately intertwined relationship between energy and politics, he aims to unravel the implications of this sensitive matter on co...

        • Bozóky Felícia
          Bozóky Felícia
          singer, songwriter, paediatric surgeon

          Bozóky FelíciaBozóky Felícia singer, songwriter, paediatric surgeon

          The daughter of Hungarian emigrants, Lili grew up in Sweden and has had an affinity for music and the arts since early childhood, which she mostly spent drawing, doing photography and playing the piano. At the age of 18, she bought a guitar and travelled around in Europe, then, inspired...

        • Catharina Paukner
          Catharina Paukner
          Materials scientist, Inventor

          Catharina PauknerCatharina Paukner Materials scientist, Inventor

          Catharina is the co-founder and Chief Scientist of Cambridge Nanosystems Ltd., a company that produces graphene in industrial quantities without compromising on quality. Leading a team in the production of graphene produ...

        • Hanif Qadir
          Hanif Qadir
          De-radicalization and Counter-Terrorism Strategist, Founder of Active Change Foundation

          Hanif QadirHanif Qadir De-radicalization and Counter-Terrorism Strategist, Founder of Active Change Foundation

          Hanif Qadir is the CEO of the Active Change Foundation, a London-based organization he co-founded in 2003 to encourage young p...

        • Horváth Kornél
          Horváth Kornél

          Horváth KornélHorváth Kornél percussionist

          Kornél’s virtuoso playing and unique finger-hit technique makes him one of the world’s most original percussionists, who not only plays on the konga and bongo, but also on the gato, shekere, udu drums and the metal hang....

        • Yaniv Erlich
          Yaniv Erlich
          genome hacker, digital-era geneticist

          Yaniv ErlichYaniv Erlich genome hacker, digital-era geneticist

          The 36-year-old Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Computational Biology of Columbia University is a Core Member at the New York Genome Center. The Center’s mission is to save lives via transforming biomedical research and clinical care. His lab, consisting of a group of comput...

        1600 - 17 00
        Coffee Break
          1700 - 19 00
          Session 2: Opening Doors

          As Sammy Rangel put it last May, in life any path to the future starts with a door. We often pass through those doors without even noticing, both individually and as a society. Small events may imperceptibly start us on a life changing course and we can walk blindly into disaster, or success for that matter, up until the moment it hits us. Other times, especially when we need new, even counterintuitive solutions, we face an opposite challenge: we don't even see doors that we could - and maybe should - go through. So we need to look for the doors and figure out what lies behind them. Systems, knowledge, inventions, ideas, connections. New paths and new solutions, holding keys to a future that would be worth living in.

          • Urban Dance Theatre
            Urban Dance Theatre

            Urban Dance Theatre Urban Dance Theatre

            One of the major Hungarian players on the underground street dance scene, that is urban dance, which comprises all the original old school and new school hip-hop dance styles. Szederkényi Zsolt, the Managing Director of Bakelit Multi Art Center co-founded Urban Dance ...

          • Clio Cresswell
            Clio Cresswell

            Clio CresswellClio Cresswell mathematician

            One of Australia’s most stimulating and inspired thinkers, Dr Clio Cresswell has established a diverse career as a mathematician and best-selling author. Clio is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Mathematics and Statistics at TheUniversity of Sydney, researching the evolution ofmathema...

          • Lőrincz M. Ákos
            Lőrincz M. Ákos
            medical doctor, immunologist

            Lőrincz M. ÁkosLőrincz M. Ákos medical doctor, immunologist

            Fascinated by the world of immunity and microorganisms, Ákos is working on adapting a microbiological method for detecting antibacterial activity into a rapid and sensitive diagnostic procedure. He believes in combining theoretical medical knowledge with an economic approach, fusi...

          • Ryan Weed
            Ryan Weed
            Anti-matter physicist, pilot

            Ryan WeedRyan Weed Anti-matter physicist, pilot

            Self-described as “an explorer at heart, attracted to far-off places and activities that push the limits of human capability”, 31-year-old Air Force pilot and antimatter scientist aims to make interstellar travel a reality by developing the world’s first antimatter rocket. He is C...

          • Fricska
            Fricska Folkdance Group

            FricskaFricska Fricska Folkdance Group

            The ingenious, virtuoso dance ensemble Fricska (meaning flick, i.e. sudden sharp movement) is comprised of dance-contest winners Ahmed Moussa as artistic director, Gergely Bálint Papp and Máté Bence Papp, who have been dancing together in various formations for more than ten years. Addi...

          • Mikael Krogerus & Roman Tschappeler
            Mikael Krogerus & Roman Tschappeler
            MK: author, journalist & RT: designer, creative producer

            Mikael Krogerus & Roman TschappelerMikael Krogerus & Roman Tschappeler MK: author, journalist & RT: designer, creative producer

            Finnish-born, but raised in Sweden and Germany, Mikael is an editor of Switzerland’s biggest weekly magazine “Das Magazin”. Prior to that he was a staff writer for NZZ FOLIO, and worked as a copywriter for various advertising agencies. A graduate from the Zurich Unive...

          • Amoeba

            AmoebaAmoeba Band

            Amoeba was founded in Budapest in 2010, with the slogan “Music Changes Shape, But Never Loses the Funk.” The band is often found jamming in the city's vibrant music scene, merging funk, future soul, improvisatory jazz, hip-hop and broken beat instrumentally, often appearing on Sla...

          • Fehér Bori
            Fehér Bori
            architect, social designer

            Fehér BoriFehér Bori architect, social designer

            An architect and researcher fascinated by the topics of social design, resilience and adaptation, Bori is the Co-Founder and Program Director of MOME EcoLab, the sustainability research group at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Hungary. Bori is also a Research Fellow at the s...

          1900 - 21 00
          Networking, Drinks

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