TEDxDanubia Cafe 2010

2010-09-24 Planetárium, Népliget, Budapest

A Step Toward the Future


TEDxDanubia Cafe 2010 was a half-day-long, smaller, more intimated TEDx conference with about 180 attendees and a very friendly atmosphere. It was held on the 24th of September, 2010 in the dome of Planetarium, one of the oldest edutainment facilities of Budapest. Our theme for the event was ’A Step Toward the Future’. 18 international and local speakers building on a wide range of experties and experience gave entertaining talks arranged in three intriguing sessions and plenty of time to have inspiring conversations during the breaks.


1300 - 13 40
    1340 - 15 15
    Session 1: Good Business

    ...exploring how business could be effective and ’good’ at the same time, what good actually means in a 21st century context, if this is a relevant question at all and, finally, how we could go about doing it.

    • Simon Cohen
      Simon Cohen

      Simon CohenSimon Cohen

      Simon Cohen is a media ethics maverick. Founder and Managing Director of global tolerance, a PR firm that shuns spin and glitter in favour of ’principled public relations’, upholding truth and integrity. Simon is committed to shine the media spotlight on inspirational people and organisations, belie...
    • Zsolnai László
      Zsolnai László

      Zsolnai LászlóZsolnai László

      László Zsolnai is professor and director of the Business Ethics Center at the Corvinus University of Budapest as well as fellow associate at Judge Business School, University of Cambridge and author of numerous books used in university courses around the world. Having been inspired at age 13 by the ...
    • Lang András
      Lang András

      Lang AndrásLang András

      András Lang is a musician, mediator, amateur actor, and co-founder of the Pesti Est free cultural magazine. The initially local magazine over the years grew into a national media group. He became involved with the Waldorf teaching method through his first child and co-founded the first Waldorf Kinde...
    • Paul Garrison
      Paul Garrison

      Paul GarrisonPaul Garrison

      "Paul Garrison former Managing Director of Coca-Cola Hungary, prior to that the Marketing Director for the Coca-Cola East Central Europe Division, received the ""Woodruff Cup” for running the highest performing division in the world for The Coca-Cola Company. He is now Chairman of the Budapest based...
    • Baritz Sarolta Laura
      Baritz Sarolta Laura

      Baritz Sarolta LauraBaritz Sarolta Laura

      Sarolta Laura Baritz an economist by training, used to travel around the world as sales development manager for Pepsi-Cola Hungary. And yet, she made the longest journey of her life without leaving town, practically her own apartment. Sarolta Baritz, a successful business manager, became Sister Laur...
    • Bognár Botond
      Bognár Botond

      Bognár BotondBognár Botond

      "Botond Bognár property developer fell in love with the villa of the Hatvany family 15 years ago. Built in 1872 in the side of the Buda castle after the plans of renowned Hungarian architect Mikós Ybl, the villa was completely destroyed during World War II. He founded the company Budapanoráma, which...
    1515 - 16 15
    Conversation break
      1615 - 17 45
      Session 2: Positive Sum Games

      ...focusing on cooperative attitudes, trust, innovations focused on social structures, norms and institutions based on a meaningful understanding of ourselves and our environment as essential components of how a more effective and better world could and should work.

      • Joós István
        Joós István

        Joós IstvánJoós István

        "István Joós was a successful web entrepreneur in the late 90s, but his company collapsed within a decade due to his ""selfish shortsightedness"", as he now puts it. He had to give up his BMW, the apartment in a wealthy neighbourhood, restaurants, skiing, sailing. At first, it hit him hard, but now ...
      • Vicsek Tamás
        Vicsek Tamás

        Vicsek TamásVicsek Tamás

        Tamás Vicsek is a Professor of Physics at the Biological Physics Department of ELTE (Eötvös Lóránd Tudományegyetem) and a head of the Statistical and Biological Physics research group of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Over the past 25 years, he has been involved in computational and experimental...
      • Oborny Beáta
        Oborny Beáta

        Oborny BeátaOborny Beáta

        Beáta Oborny is a theoretical biologist, currently an Associate Professor in the Biological Institute, ELTE (Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem) and leads the Ecological Boundaries International Research Group. Her main field of research is modelling ecological end evolutionary processes. Her present stu...
      • Benkő Gabriella
        Benkő Gabriella

        Benkő GabriellaBenkő Gabriella

        Gabriella Benkő used to be a project manager and management consultant in the private sector and has always been sensitive to social issues. In 2010 she joined Ashoka as Country Director. Ashoka is the global association of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs, individuals with innovative soluti...
      • Ágoston László
        Ágoston László

        Ágoston LászlóÁgoston László

        László Ágoston sociologist. Through his work over the past five years his interests have led him from pure market research and opinion polling to a deeper understanding of socio-economic structures and phenomena, such as socially responsible companies and the research and improvement of quality o...

      • Benkő Vilmos
        Benkő Vilmos

        Benkő VilmosBenkő Vilmos

        Vilmos Benkő is an economist, motivational speaker and entrepreneur in the healthcare and financial sectors. He has been living in Hungary for 20 years. For 11 of those he worked for Euronet building a network of ATMs first in Hungary, then in Central Europe. He established the Hungarian branch of T...
      1745 - 18 45
      Conversation break
        1845 - 20 15
        Session 3: Green Redefined
        • Molnár Attila Dávid
          Molnár Attila Dávid

          Molnár Attila DávidMolnár Attila Dávid

          Attila Dávid Molnár is a passionate nature filmmaker. He made his first movie early, while still in primary school, with a Super-8 camera – it was called „Evolution” starting with a single cell and ending with a human. He hasn’t let the camera out of his hands since. As a member of the First Hungari...
        • Antal Miklós
          Antal Miklós

          Antal MiklósAntal Miklós

          Miklós Antal, economist, is a postdoctoral researcher at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He now studies macroeconomic aspects of sustainability transitions, yet previously he was engaged with energy modeling at the Central European University in Budapest. He got his PhD in economics and MSc ...
        • Dan Barber
          Dan Barber

          Dan BarberDan Barber

          Dan Barber is the chef at New York's Blue Hill restaurant, and Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Westchester, where he practices a kind of close-to-the-land cooking married to agriculture and stewardship of the earth. Barber's philosophy of food focuses on pleasure and thoughtful conservation -- on knowin...
        • Harcsa Veronika
          Harcsa Veronika

          Harcsa VeronikaHarcsa Veronika

          Veronika Harcsa is an internationally celebrated young Hungarian jazz singer. She formed her own jazz quartet in 2005, three years before graduating from the vocal jazz faculty of the Liszt Ferenc College of Music. Both her first album, Speak Low, and her second album featuring her own original song...
        • Takács-Sánta András
          Takács-Sánta András

          Takács-Sánta AndrásTakács-Sánta András

          András Takács-Sánta does his research and teaching at the Faculty of Natural Sciences at ELTE (Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem). András has been the director of the Small Communities Program since 2008, which looks at solutions for environmental sustainability at the local level of small communities. ...
        • Gunter Pauli
          Gunter Pauli

          Gunter PauliGunter Pauli

          Gunter Pauli is a world-renowned innovator whose entrepreneurial activities span business, culture, science, politics and the environment. Under his leadership Ecover, a small European company, pioneered the first ecological factory built from recycled materials and using renewable energy, manufactu...
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