TEDxDanubia "Become a Speaker"

Do you want to become a TEDxDanubia Speaker!

You may apply to become a speaker in our program, and you can be on stage of TEDxDanubia already at the next event! If you think, that you have a specially interesting, innovative and/or inspirational thought that represents the spirit of TED and you would like to share it in public,

apply to become a speaker with filling in the questionnaire and send a one-minute-video

that explains us why you aim to step on the stage of TEDxDanubia.

 If you have any topics, interesting thoughts, funny stories, an inspiring idea or a special creation, invention and you feel it’s worth to share it with the community, then convince us! Tell us in one minute, why do you have your place on the stage, why should we share this idea further. Tell us what is your personal story.

 How to upload the video:

  • Upload a maximum one-minute (not public) video to Youtube.
  • When uploading, please select the Unlistedmode (nem listázott) in the Privacy list (Adatvédelem) on YouTube. This way, your video can be only seen by those, whom you share the link with.
  • Copy the link of the uploaded video in the questionnaire at the required place.
  • Please do not exceed the one minute limit, otherwise we are not able to accept your application.


You are not yet sure about your topic... do you still want to be informed about the „become a speaker” program?

Even if your topic is not entirely ready, but you are interested in the opportunity to become a speaker,

fill in the questionnaire NOW and hand in your application without the video.

Every applicant will be informed about the details of the program before the next TEDxDanubia in email. At that point, you will have the opportunity to finalize and upload your video. In this case, please remember what has been your original email address you applied with, as you have to upload the video with the same email address to have a valid application.

Application deadline: will be announced later, but we are looking forward to your application already now.

The evaluation of the applicants: will be announced within 20 days after the application deadline.

We are looking forward to welcoming you on the stage of TEDxDanubia among our world famous speakers!

The TEDxDanubia Team