TEDxDanubia 2018

TEDxDanubia 2018

2018-11-13 Müpa Budapest
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What if...?

“What if…”, a simple question whose enormous power can change the world. A question which plays with the impossible, and brings a new perspective to what is achievable. It takes us beyond ordinary, everyday, comfortable thinking. With it, we discover new territory, or conversely, revisit long lost paths. We keep our curiosity alive and overcome our disagreements. We grasp the inscrutable and get to the bottom of things. If instead of convenience, understanding is our guide, and if we define our needs by knowing what’s possible - the methods and systems of our ‘pre-packaged’ world - we feel ready to consider what’s behind those things.

In this spirit, we invite you to join us for a new emotional and intellectual journey on November 13, 2018, where this question “What if …” will guide us to new territories. As you already know us, we will delve for answers to some mutual problems with lively stories, smart discussions, new discoveries and exciting inspiration.


This is an independently organised TEDx Event under the license of TED.

Prepare for an intensive day full of inspirations. The day includes TEDx talks, furthermore exciting surprises and interesting programs in the breaks bringing the best of Müpa opportunities. The entrance fee includes the food and drink consumption during the day.

Most of the talks during the day will be in Hungarian but some of the presenters talk in English. All talks will be heard in their original language. Click on the presenters to check their language.



0915 - 10 00
Arrival, registration
    1000 - 11 30
    Session 1 - Never-ending Story (Conversation)

    What if … we simply paid a bit more attention to each other? What if we not only hear what others say but listen to them? Listen to what keeps people engaged and awake, and what they really care about? What if we believe (again) in the value and necessity of learning to speak of our commonality? In this way, we really could discover important global, local or personal issues: whether they be about the effect of the digital world on our human relations, the transformation of gender roles, or perhaps how a person thinks differently about sustainability as a CEO than at home?

    The hosts of our TEDxDanubia Conversation Program take the stage to guide us through scintillating discussions on the most exciting, current, controversial and important topics we’ve found based on learning from the TEDxDanubia Conversation Program over the past year. With their help, we’ll discuss questions that determine our future and topics where the stakes are high yet rarely get discussed. We will experience “what if“ we explored concepts, approaches, and thoughts using our own personal patterns.

      1130 - 12 30
      Lunch break
        1230 - 15 00
        Session 2 – Beyond our Bubble

        We already know that opinions and thinking patterns similar to our own are dominantly reflected and (re)circulate in our own environment. This is reinforced further as digital communication channels become the major source of information in our life. The result is that we find it ever more difficult to break out of our information bubbles even though our own survival may depend on our ability and willingness to do so.

        We must understand that the world is more than us, and while our tastes and objectives may be unique to us, our world and its fate is an inescapable common interest of ultimate, mutual importance.

        We at TEDxDanubia are no exceptions. We have strived to keep looking beyond and reflecting on this. From the colorful and robust TEDx communities that have emerged in the past decade in Hungary, we have invited guest curators to share the most important current and inspiring questions they’ve found beyond their own bubbles. “What if” they could help us discover how to experience the rich, colorful world of our common bubble together?

        • Hankó Gergely
          Hankó Gergely
          conservation engineer, waste expert

          Hankó GergelyHankó Gergely conservation engineer, waste expert

          We hear about the problem of plastic waste on a daily basis, but we have no idea about the enormous amounts transported through Hungary every year. The PET Cup has taken on the fight against this and their community-building nature conservation efforts...

        • Várady Zsuzsi és Molnár Levente
          Várady Zsuzsi és Molnár Levente
          Momentán Group

          Várady Zsuzsi és Molnár LeventeVárady Zsuzsi és Molnár Levente Momentán Group

          Both Zsuzsi and Levente are both founding members of Momentán theatrical group. They have been doing stage improvisations since the establishment of the group. For years, they have hosted workshops and educational groups, in corporate environments and ...

        • Szabó Erik
          Szabó Erik
          teacher, courage researcher

          Szabó ErikSzabó Erik teacher, courage researcher

          Is courage a gift? Erik Szabó, as a talker of 2017 TEDxBenedekHegy in Veszprém, thinks otherwise. By the example of Samurais, he tells us that courage can be developed. Being brave does not mean ...

        • Doffek Gábor
          Doffek Gábor
          Advisor, blogger

          Doffek Gábor Doffek Gábor Advisor, blogger

          Gábor is a happy husband and family man, father of two daughters. He believes in family, values, traditions and cooperation. He advocates calmness and peace, believes in reasonable equality, constructive debates and joint solutions. He rejects any extr...

        • Bart István
          Bart István
          climate expert

          Bart IstvánBart István climate expert

          István is the Director of the Climate Strategy Institute 2050. The Hungarian delegate to international climate negotiations has been working on climate policy for more than 15 years in various ro...

        • Madeline Hung
          Madeline Hung

          Madeline HungMadeline Hung statecrafter

          Madeline is a co-founder of the Good Country. Madeline’s previous work has focused on issues around business and human rights. She is an expert on multi-stakeholder initiatives, and has worked for multiple human rights organizations including Oxfam America and MSI Int...

        • Dr. Fekete Andrea
          Dr. Fekete Andrea
          medical researcher

          Dr. Fekete AndreaDr. Fekete Andrea medical researcher

          Andrea is co-founder and head of a drug development company. She is an active mom, too, with three sons. She is thinking and working tirelessly so that her teams can help the lives of as many people as possible with innovative solutions. Her scientific...

        • Simon Anholt
          Simon Anholt

          Simon AnholtSimon Anholt statecrafter

          Simon is a co-founder of the Good Country, defined not by borders but values. He previously worked as an independent nation branding specialist and policy advisor to leaders of more than 50 countries. He is also the publisher of the Good Country Index,...

        • Simon Renáta
          Simon Renáta
          dance artist

          Simon RenátaSimon Renáta dance artist

          Renáta has been a dance artist for 26 years; she was a member of the Győr Ballet, the Swedish Royal Ballet and the Frenák Pál Society. She studied at Tan’s Gate Buddhist College and has researced the authentic roots of dance in India. The professional ...

        • Stumpf Kata
          Stumpf Kata
          editor, reporter

          Stumpf KataStumpf Kata editor, reporter

          Kata is a public media editor and reporter and co-founder of Konnekt Mentoring Program. She is devoted to helping young people engage in dialogue with each other and help them choose a career path. She grew up as a champion sportswoman, so much of her ...

        • Fehér Anna Ditta
          Fehér Anna Ditta

          Fehér Anna DittaFehér Anna Ditta architect

          How does a Hungarian girl get into the circles of the Dalai Lama? What inspires an architect student to invest her professional knowledge and enthusiasm into a charitable cause far away from home in the Himalayas, year after year? Ditta is a master stu...

        1500 - 16 00
        Coffee Break
          1600 - 18 00
          Session 3 – Minority Report

          “What if” we could hear beyond the popular or conventional version of the topics trending in the news headlines? What if had access to the private opinion of those explorers and pathfinders away from the mainstream? On topics, such as, what the role of nuclear energy is while we change to renewables? What happens when countries health/wealth are measured by their “happiness” or collaboration instead of their GDP output? Is our family more important, or the truth about our predecessors’ past?

          Traditionally, our speakers will share their own personal experiences, and what they learned of how and why these out-of-the-mainstream opinions matter and how necessary they are for progress. It is an evolutionary method since when we want something we’ve never had, we must do something we've never done. So, again, what if we left the well-known path to strike out on our own? What if we were able to really see things from another perspective? The truths we uncover there may have the power to change all our lives for the better.

          • Kidsnews.hu


            The editors of kidsnews.hu launched their website over a year ago. Today, 30 committed teenagers are working on creating value for Gen...

          • Dr. Tánczos Eszter
            Dr. Tánczos Eszter
            doctor, entrepreneur

            Dr. Tánczos EszterDr. Tánczos Eszter doctor, entrepreneur

            Eszter is not only a doctor and businesswoman, but also a trained international multi-track peace mediator. She is a devoted user of new medical technologies in everyday...

          • Michael Shellenberger
            Michael Shellenberger
            author, energy and environmental policy expert

            Michael ShellenbergerMichael Shellenberger author, energy and environmental policy expert

            Michael devoted his career to reducing environmental pollution; he is a columnist at Forbes and a candidate running to be the next governor of California.

            He received his bachelor's degree in Peace and Global Studies in 1993 and ho...

          • Hodász András
            Hodász András
            priest, vlogger

            Hodász AndrásHodász András priest, vlogger

            András’ profession may anachronistic toay: he is a Roman Catholic priest. At the same time, he is a popular writer, blogger and vlogger. This is how he explains his choice: "This is my job, this is my hobby, this is my life. I chose it, because what ma...

          • Dr. Csepeli György
            Dr. Csepeli György
            social psychologist, D. Sc. of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

            Dr. Csepeli György Dr. Csepeli György social psychologist, D. Sc. of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

            György is the doyen of Hungarian sociologists, a public figure and a true "media celebrity of sociology." Already as a young university professor, he was inspired by social psychology, national identity and intergroup relations, on which he published s...

          • Dr. Csató Gábor
            Dr. Csató Gábor
            Director General

            Dr. Csató GáborDr. Csató Gábor Director General

            Gábor has been the director of the National Ambulance Service for a year now. He is a known reformer of healthcare in Hungary and a real self-made man: he walked through the ranks of rescue servi...

          • Kálló Péter
            Kálló Péter

            Kálló PéterKálló Péter photographer

            Péter has won countless domestic and international awards. In addition to photography, he also makes documentaries. He is founder of Rockstar Photographers, head of the photo shoot team at Sziget...

          • Herold János (iamyank)
            Herold János (iamyank)
            electronic music producer and performer

            Herold János (iamyank)Herold János (iamyank) electronic music producer and performer

            János is lead instructor of imPro Budapest School of Music Technology. After more than 10 years behind traditional instruments, he has turned towards modern compositional and sound design technologies. Under the artistic name “iamyank,” he became an inevitable charact...

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