TEDxDanubia 2017 MÜPA

TEDxDanubia 2017 MÜPA

2017-05-04 Művészetek Palotája (MÜPA)

4 May 2017 - TEDxDanubia @MÜPA


Alone or together?' has been one of the most formative questions throughout history, dating back even to prehistoric times. Answers to this dilemma have been at the core of our individual and collective identities, and have been the engines of progress or disaster, both on a personal or a civilizational level. They have shaped everything from culture to politics, from business to love.

As the 21st century unfolds around us, its relevance seems sharper than ever. What's more, our new world of emerging hyper-connectedness is ushering in a new chapter of the story: a new game with new opportunities and new dangers for people and nations alike, opening new doors for science, a new ecosystem for businesses, and possibly a whole new universe for innovation. 

New shared, networked and collaborative business models mesh with individual desires. Digital relationships blur the line between being connected and estranged as we are rewriting how we see ourselves and each other, or what kind of cultures we live in. Collective intelligence competes with AI for the next chapter in our evolution.  We can't stop asking if we are alone in the Universe and we need to decide if we care for only our human species or for the rest of life on Earth as well.

Connectivity engulfs and transforms everything, from personality to society, from achievement to fulfillment, from start ups to multinational businesses, from innovation to creativity, from ideas to identities, from physics to geography, from technology to biology, from national strategies to civilizational tensions. And it seems that the only real answer we could give to the ancient question now is a new one: not either, but both. Alone AND Together. But what does that mean? How can we do it? And what is the potential?

So we invite you on yet another day of storytelling and conversations, another intellectual and emotional journey to explore whether alone and together is possible!

This independent TEDx event is operated under license from TED.

Get ready for an intensive day full of inspirational talks with 20+ speakers. Breaks between the sessions will include exclusive programs, curiosities and networking within the walls of MÜPA Budapest. The entry fee includes refreshments for the whole day.

Talks will be held either in English or Hungarian depending on the speaker - we will provide simultaneous interpretation throughout the day if required. Click on each speaker to see the language of their talk.


0915 - 10 40
Arrival, registration
    1040 - 12 15
    Session 1: Unlikely Births

    Hosted by: Imre Végvári

    It's about those moments. The moments when you can suddenly see the world with fresh eyes. When you are truly capable of wonder. A different perspective, an idea you had never thought of, empathy where you have never felt it. All small instances of birth through which we are shaped and become who we are, individually and collectively -- alone and together.


    • Bakáts Téri Ének-zenei Általános Iskola SoulAir kamarakórus
      Bakáts Téri Ének-zenei Általános Iskola SoulAir kamarakórus
      SoulAir Chamber Choir

      Bakáts Téri Ének-zenei Általános Iskola SoulAir kamarakórusBakáts Téri Ének-zenei Általános Iskola SoulAir kamarakórus SoulAir Chamber Choir

      Unity or division, exclusion or solidarity, competition or cooperation? Kristóf Deák’s Oscar-winning short film, "Sing" follows the spirit of the age when looking for answers to these seemingly simple but extremely difficult questions. Musical harmony and a harmonious community: th...

    • Kemény Zsófi – Csőre Gábor
      Kemény Zsófi – Csőre Gábor
      Zsófi Kemény: Writer, poet, slammer -- Gábor Csőre: Actor

      Kemény Zsófi – Csőre GáborKemény Zsófi – Csőre Gábor Zsófi Kemény: Writer, poet, slammer -- Gábor Csőre: Actor

      A performance, in which fine art meets poetry and theatre:this is „Picnic in May”, the result of a joint creative process based on a famous canvas by 19th century Hungarian plein air painter Pál Szinyei Merse. “Picni...

    • Brett Hennig
      Brett Hennig
      Author, activist

      Brett HennigBrett Hennig Author, activist

      Brett's talk will be in English.

      As the leader and co-founder of the UK-based non-profit Sortition Foundation, Brett Hennig promotes the use of sortition – st...

    • Riskó Bence
      Riskó Bence
      Poet, writer, slammer

      Riskó BenceRiskó Bence Poet, writer, slammer

      Bence's talk will be in Hungarian.

      Poet and author  Bence Riskó is best known for his passionate slam poetry performances on stage and as a founding member of the Zugpoetry Literary Circle, with two anthologies already making note of him. Born in...

    • Isfandiyar Shaheen
      Isfandiyar Shaheen
      Investment expert, deal doer

      Isfandiyar ShaheenIsfandiyar Shaheen Investment expert, deal doer

      Asfi's talk will be in English.

      Asfi's 10 year long career has been a mix of executing mergers and acquisitions deals, building (and crashing) two startups, managing a private equity fund and serving as a director in boardrooms of large publicly ...

    • Győri Noémi
      Győri Noémi

      Győri NoémiGyőri Noémi Flutist

      Praised for her passionate and vibrant performance as well as creative, elaborate interpretations, Hungarian flutist Noémi Győri has quickly established a name in the international classical music scene as an exceptional and versatile artist, equally in demand as a soloist, chambe...

    • Paul Oomen
      Paul Oomen
      Composer, curator, technologist

      Paul OomenPaul Oomen Composer, curator, technologist

      Paul's talk will be in English.

      Composer and entrepreneur Paul Oomen is best known for his wizardry of combining technology, theatre and sound in four dimensions, creating a special musical language of his own. In 2015, ...

    1215 - 13 45
    Lunch break
      1345 - 15 45
      Session 2: Unanswered Questions

      Hosted by: Pál Honti

      There is much we still don't know, far though we have progressed in our quest to understand the world around us. And these frontiers matter, because they keep us humble and they keep us hungry. They matter because we need to explore and find answers, driven both by our nature and the pressure of our challenges. So this session is about where we search for answers, where we still need solutions or resolutions. It is about the open questions. About the stakes. About the paths going forward -- alone and together.


      • Forgács Bálint
        Forgács Bálint
        Cognitive scientist, baby researcher

        Forgács BálintForgács Bálint Cognitive scientist, baby researcher

        Bálint Forgács has dealt with cognitive science for over 10 years, pondering the ways our brain works. The functions of language, more precisely, metaphors play a significant role in his research. In his experiments, he asks part...

      • Gergely Vera
        Gergely Vera
        Plain language consultant

        Gergely VeraGergely Vera Plain language consultant

        Vera's talk will be in Hungarian.

        As a communications expert, Vera’s aim is to promote the use of plain language: her dream is to make the clear and concise wording of official documents compulsory, as she believes that ...

      • Darlene Damm
        Darlene Damm
        Social Entrepreneur

        Darlene DammDarlene Damm Social Entrepreneur

        Darlene's talk will be in English.

        As the Vice Chair of Global Grand Challenges at Singularity University, Darlene Damm works to create a global community with the mindset, skills and network necessary for building an abundant future. For nearly two de...

      • Courtney Gras
        Courtney Gras
        Entrepreneur, former NASA engineer

        Courtney GrasCourtney Gras Entrepreneur, former NASA engineer

        Courtney's talk will be in English.

        Courtney Gras is an engineer by training and an entrepreneur by nature. Having raised nearly a quarter-million dollars for her startup, she left her job of power systems engineer at NASA and starte...

      • Sheryl Winarick
        Sheryl Winarick
        Immigration lawyer

        Sheryl WinarickSheryl Winarick Immigration lawyer

        Sheryl's talk will be in English.

        An immigration lawyer by trade, Sheryl Winarick is a bold dreamer and a compassionate realist by nature.She is a digital nomad with ho...

      • Kenyeres István
        Kenyeres István
        Creative ecologist, biotechnologist

        Kenyeres IstvánKenyeres István Creative ecologist, biotechnologist

        István's talk will be in English.

        Chemical engineer and biotechnologist István Kenyeres is the founder and President of the Biopolus Institute, a non-profit private R&D organization. With his team of biotechnologists and informat...

      • Lakatos Márk
        Lakatos Márk
        stylist, show director, fashion journalist, costume designer

        Lakatos MárkLakatos Márk stylist, show director, fashion journalist, costume designer

        Márk's talk will be in Hungarian.

        Márk is one of Hungary's best-known stylists, who has won the Stylist of the Year Award three times. He is the founder and owner of the stage show dance Wonderland Show Co...

      • Szabó András Ákos
        Szabó András Ákos
        university student, blogger

        Szabó András ÁkosSzabó András Ákos university student, blogger

        Ákos András Szabó could be defined as a personal trainer of the soul, although as an actual weight lifter, physical training also stands close to his heart. The 23-year-old young man addresses those who seek to find their personal paths in his blog, regardless of gender, age or goals. H...

      • Szirtes Edina
        Szirtes Edina "Mókus"
        violinist, composer, singer

        Szirtes Edina Szirtes Edina "Mókus" violinist, composer, singer

        "A medley of voices and sounds, born out of admiration for and inspiration by music in its broadest sense”this is what Edina Szirtes “Mókus” seeks to achieve. One of the most versatile Hungarian musician-singers and composers of today, who creates and performs with amazing ease...

      1545 - 17 00
      Conversation break
        1700 - 19 00
        Session 3: Rationale of Hope

        Hosted by: Csaba Mányai

        Hope can seem difficult, even unfounded in the face of our daunting challenges and in light of our capacity for systemic change. But hope, in some sense, is the fountain of life, so it springs eternal in our humanity. So hope we must! But what are meaningful reasons to hope today? Where do we find the seeds of tomorrow? How could we hack the system and make real change? This session is about people and ideas offering such hope. About finding answers to how we could truly progress? Alone and Together.

        • Bozsik Gyöngyvér
          Bozsik Gyöngyvér
          Interpreter, translation researcher

          Bozsik GyöngyvérBozsik Gyöngyvér Interpreter, translation researcher

          Gyöngyvér's talk will be in Hungarian.

          Anthropologist, interpreter, university professor, opera researcher – four professions, four different people, one might assume. In this case, however, they all come together in one person, Gyöngyvér.

        • Gingger Shankar
          Gingger Shankar
          Artist, producer

          Gingger ShankarGingger Shankar Artist, producer

          Born into one of the world’s most acclaimed musical families, singer, violinist and composer Gingger Shankar has worked with icons Mel Gibson, Trent Reznor, Mike Myers and James Newton Howard, while lending her voice and violin to diverse projects, ranging from soundtracks to pop ...

        • Maciej Kisilowski
          Maciej Kisilowski
          Strategist, public management scholar

          Maciej KisilowskiMaciej Kisilowski Strategist, public management scholar

          Maciej's talk will be in English.

          Knowing that strategically focused, knowledge intensive public-sector institutions are a prerequisite to successful, flourishing economies, Maciej Kisilowski is driven by a passion for identifying and promoting non-dog...

        • Giulia Enders
          Giulia Enders
          medical doctor and author

          Giulia EndersGiulia Enders medical doctor and author

          Giulia's talk will be in English.

          German medical doctor turned best-selling author Giulia Enders had been working on her PhD in microbiology in 2012 when her public talk on the gut („Darm mit Charme” - Charming Bowels) won her first prize at the Berlin Science S...

        • Arndt Pechstein
          Arndt Pechstein
          Neuroscientist, Biomimicry and Design Thinking Expert

          Arndt PechsteinArndt Pechstein Neuroscientist, Biomimicry and Design Thinking Expert

          Arndt's talk will be in English.

          At the helm of one of the world’s leading responsible innovation consultancies, the Berlin-based phi360, Dr. Arndt Pechstein advises companies and organizations on adaptive...

        • Tóth Árpád
          Tóth Árpád
          Music teacher, choirmaster, artistic director

          Tóth ÁrpádTóth Árpád Music teacher, choirmaster, artistic director

          Árpád's talk will be in Hungarian.

          Improvisation,humour,a shared creative process and experimenting – these are the main characteristics of cheerful, young conductor Árpád Tóth’s major achievement: Hungary's...

        • Pirashanna Theverajah
          Pirashanna Theverajah

          Pirashanna Theverajah Pirashanna Theverajah Percussionist

          Pirashanna Thevarajah is recognized by the world music and Indian classical community as an extremely versatile percussionist with great command over various instruments especially Mridangam, Kanjira, Ghatam and Morsing, and equally versed in the art of Konnakol (Indian spoken rhythm). He has per...

        1900 - 20 00
        Networking, drinks

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