TEDxDanubia 2015

TEDxDanubia 2015

2015-08-31 Uránia Filmszínház

Balance on the Edge

Welcome to our home: the endlessly ephemeral edge, the elusive and ever changing, yet permanent balance where Life happens. It gives home to everything from the existence of the Universe to our personal life experiences, from achieving success to making good decisions. It is where both innovation and harmony stem from. It is where complex and emergent systems operate, from financial systems to biological ones, from climate balance to the human brain, from cosmology to politics. And for these systems, we may need to rethink our industrial notion of control. It may very well be more about open ends and unfinished stories. About reconciling opposite truths, conflicting demands and antagonistic interests. But it is also about the paths to take, the questions to ask, the windows of opportunity, the threats we need to survive and the solutions we need to find.



0900 - 10 00

There is a tradition at TED. Before the start of the main stage sessions, there is something called TED-U, an intimate, special experience which is probably even more about the audience than the rest of the program. We embarked on creating our own version of this. Something special and intimate, in our own way. Since TEDxDanubia is an international event, but there is a great depth and width of talent and ideas worth sharing in our own backyard too, we decided to make this morning session an all-Hungarian one, featuring only Hungarian speakers, a lot of them from our own community.

  • Csutka István
    Csutka István

    Csutka IstvánCsutka István

    Dancer, actor, choreographer, director, editor in charge, television presenter, senior manager and consultant at international firms, he has created his own brand ‘Világaim.com’ and has published a book entitled ‘Camino Steve, in the Wake of a Dream’. He taught at the Budapest Academy of Drama & Fil...
  • Duda Ernő
    Duda Ernő

    Duda ErnőDuda Ernő

    Ernő Duda, is Co-Founder, President & CEO of Solvo Biotechnology, Hungary’s largest independent biopharmaceutical company. Mr. Duda is also Founder and President of the Hungarian Biotechnology Association, Co-Founder and Chairman of Aquincum Technology Incubator, and Co-Founder and Senior Consultant...
  • Benedek Tibor
    Benedek Tibor

    Benedek TiborBenedek Tibor

    The retired Hungarian lefthander can boast an impressive career: he is three-time Olympic champion, World and European champion, collected twelve national titles with the team of Újpest, Roma, Pro Recco and Honvéd. He played over 400 caps for Hungary, was named ‘Hungarian Water Polo Player of the Ye...
  • Switzer Furugh
    Switzer Furugh

    Switzer FurughSwitzer Furugh

    A Hungary-based Persian-Canadian sociologist, trainer and life-skills educator, she has conducted workshops all over Europe and Canada and led seminars for individuals on relationships, parenting, early childhood development and inter-cultural challenges. Trained in Imago Relationship Therapy and In...
  • Magyar Ádám
    Magyar Ádám

    Magyar ÁdámMagyar Ádám

    Self-described as a dreamer, Adam is Animation Director, CG Artist, 3D-Stereographer, Expert in Multimedia R&D, Founder and CEO of Greenzero Virtual Reality Multimedia Incubator and Cluster Centre. He graduated from the Department of Design & Visual Education at Janus Pannonius University, where he ...
1045 - 12 45
Session 1: Chaos & Order

The Universe exists and dances on the narrow edge of chaos and order. And so do most of our lives... and many of our most crucial systems. Indeed, it might be that magic mix and balance of the two that makes it all possible. It is at the very core of who we are and what we do: Success and Disaster. Creativity and Despair. Imagination and Remembering. Emotion and Rationality. Finance and Biology. Religion and Science. Man and Women. Complexity and Simplicity. Rules and Freedom. But what is this magic about? How do we look for it? Where do we find it?

  • Rajaniemi Hannu
    Rajaniemi Hannu

    Rajaniemi HannuRajaniemi Hannu

    Hannu Rajaniemi is a mathematical physicist, science innovator and writer. Self-described as “the Geometric Dreamer”, Hannu Rajaniemi is the co-founder and CTO of Helix Nanotechnologies, formerly one of the founding directors of an Edinburgh-based technology consultancy company, ThinkTank Maths. Hav...
  • Hetesi Zsolt
    Hetesi Zsolt

    Hetesi ZsoltHetesi Zsolt

    Zsolt Hetesi graduated from ELTE (Eötvös Lóránd University) with a bachelor’s degree in physics and astronomy in 2003 and received his PhD in astrophysics in 2008. He has been lecturer at ELTE since 2003. His special field is cosmology and applied mathematical statistics in physics. Since 2007 he is...
  • Raford Noah
    Raford Noah

    Raford NoahRaford Noah

    Advisor on futures, foresight and innovation, crowd-sourcing expert and co-founder of several start-ups, he is senior advisor to the government of the UAE, fulfilling a number of innovation and strategy roles, co-founder & CEO of Futurescaper.com, a crowd-sourced scenario planning start-up based in ...
  • Brody Leonard
    Brody Leonard

    Brody LeonardBrody Leonard

    Respected entrepreneur, venture capitalist, best-selling author and 2-time Emmy-nominated media visionary, Leonard is called “a controversial torchbearer for the new world order” by BC Business magazine and is named one of “Canada’s Top 40 under 40” by The Globe and Mail. A highly sought-after speak...
  • Heincz Gábor
    Heincz Gábor

    Heincz Gábor Heincz Gábor

    A klubéletben jártas zenekedvelők számára már régóta nem ismeretlen a Biga név, viselője, Heincz Gábor rengeteg formációban játszott az évek során és számos hazai előadó lemezén. A hazai ismertséget a 2012-es Dal című műsor hozta meg neki, az Eurovíziós dalverseny hazai válogatóján "Learning to let ...
  • Dajka Krisztián
    Dajka Krisztián

    Dajka KrisztiánDajka Krisztián

    He started his musical studies at Béla Bartók Music School in Békéscsaba and then pursued his studies at the Budapest Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music where he graduated from the Faculty of Jazz as a Performing Artist & Music Teacher. He plays on several instruments and has proved himself in a wide var...
  • Polgár Judit
    Polgár Judit

    Polgár JuditPolgár Judit

    Considered the best female chess player in history, Judit won her first international competition at the age of 9, was the world champion among boys in her age-group, at 15 years and 4 months of age she earned the grandmaster (GM) title amongst men, which was a world record and she became the young...
  • Dulany  Peggy
    Dulany Peggy

    Dulany  PeggyDulany Peggy

    PPeggy Dulany is Chair of Synergos, a global non-profit organization helping solve complex problems of poverty and inequality by promoting and supporting social collaboration. She founded Synergos in 1986 to facilitate relationships among grassroots groups and government or business leaders and orga...
1245 - 14 00
Lunch break
    1400 - 16 00
    Session 2: Perception & Reality

    It is not only about the world as it is, however. It is also about how we perceive and shape our relationship with this world: Do we perceive reality as it is? How so, if not? Or is perception Reality itself? Where are the mismatches and differences that really matter? What are they about? How do they impact us? We will explore Threats and Opportunities. Dreams and Science. Professionalism and Unpredictability. Deception and Transparency. Nature and Culture. Systems and Ideas. Motion and Sound. Personal and Social. In a Delightfully Serious way...

    • Schwartz  Daniel I.
      Schwartz Daniel I.

      Schwartz  Daniel I.Schwartz Daniel I.

      Founder and CEO of Dynamica, Inc., a philanthropic foundation and multi-family office (MFO) serving some of the leading philanthropists, co-creator of Arbinet, the world’s largest telecommunications bandwidth exchange, and the former Executive Director of the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity, Ha...
    • Kiss László
      Kiss László

      Kiss LászlóKiss László

      The youngest member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences - not a merit but just a state that will not last forever. His main research area is the astrophysics of stars and their planets, with an increasingly stronger emphasis on the applications of science communication. He is a scientist who is bel...
    • Nic Marks
      Nic Marks

      Nic MarksNic Marks

      Nic Marks thinks quality of life is measurable, and that true contentment comes not from the accumulation of material wealth but from our connections with others, engagement with the world, and a sense of autonomy. As the founder of the Centre for Well-Being, he is particularly keen to promote a bal...
    • Roland Augustine
      Roland Augustine

      Roland AugustineRoland Augustine

      New York-based gallerist and art dealer Roland co-founded Luhring Augustine Gallery with Lawrence R. Luhring in 1985. His gallery focuses on the representation of a group of established international contemporary artists, has organized over 200 exhibitions and placed works of art in all the major...

    • Vági Bence
      Vági Bence

      Vági BenceVági Bence

      Artistic director, choreographer and founder of Recirquel, he earned a Diploma in Choreography from the renowned Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, which is under the patronage of its founder Sir Paul McCartney. Following stage shows he choreographed in Kiev, Brussels, Portugal, he returned to...
    • Ugron Zsolna
      Ugron Zsolna

      Ugron ZsolnaUgron Zsolna

      One of the best-selling Hungarian authors, Zsolna was born in Cluj-Napoca, a city in Transylvania. Her first novel, Úrilányok Erdélyben (A Transylvanian Love Story) was published in 2010 and has sold more than 80,000 copies since, topping the Hungarian bestseller lists for months. The novel is a rea...
    • Rangel Sammy
      Rangel Sammy

      Rangel SammyRangel Sammy

      Sammy is the founder of Formers Anonymous, a self-help group for criminals and addicts who are looking for support on how to change and recover from their addictive behaviour. He is working on spreading the programme to Canada, the UK and Hungary, as well as using it in correctional facilities throu...
    1600 - 17 00
    Coffee Break
      1700 - 19 00
      Session 3: Ariadne’s Thread

      Amidst all this complexity, our lives and many of our challenges may seem like a labyrinth we need to explore and find our way through. Rightly so. But much like Theseus in the myth, we not only need to figure out a way across, we also have to find our way back home. So where are the answers and the solutions? What could we actually do about our issues? Where is the path that leads to something valuable, meaningful and maybe even worthy? Or dangerous? Or sustainable? Where should we change course? And how do we get on the right track? Where can we find surprising ANDs instead of confining ORs?

      • Segal Leerom
        Segal Leerom

        Segal Leerom Segal Leerom

        Leerom Segal is a business leader and innovator. Tel Aviv-born Canadian entrepreneur, humanitarian and philanthropist, Leerom is CEO and co-Founder of Klick Health, the world’s largest independent digital health agency specializing in marketing for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devi...
      • Goldman Jay
        Goldman Jay

        Goldman JayGoldman Jay

        Jay Goldman is a technology interface designer, an innovator, a user experience (UX) specialist, author, designer, speaker, and Managing Director of Klick Health, the world’s largest independent digital health agency. Jay has been providing a human side to technology for over fifteen years, focusing...
      • Joós Andrea
        Joós Andrea

        Joós AndreaJoós Andrea

        Andrea is a teacher of biology and natural sciences at the Deák Square Lutheran High School and Lauder Javne School, but also teaches debating, communication and English. She believes that teaching biology and communication is not an end, but the means through which she can inspire her students, and...
      • Fong  Danielle
        Fong Danielle

        Fong  DanielleFong Danielle

        Self-described as ‘a girl from the future’, the 27-year-old Canadian innovator, entrepreneur and eco-pragmatist has been featured in Forbes' 30 under 30 in the category of Energy & Industry, as well as interviewed by Forbes.com in a video entitled "Danielle Fong May Save the World". She has also bee...
      • Pilling János
        Pilling János

        Pilling JánosPilling János

        Psychiatrist, Head of the Medical Communications Team at the Institute of Behavioural Sciences of Budapest Semmelweis University, he mainly focuses on the possibilities of improving patient-doctor interaction and the difficult issues of medical communication, such as breaking bad news or anger contr...
      • James Valencia
        James Valencia

        James ValenciaJames Valencia

        Barbados-born performing artist, dancer and choreographer is based in Budapest as a resident artist of L1 Dance Association. Trained in modern and Afro-Cuban dance in Cuba, she pursued Dance and Social Anthropology studies at Roehampton University in London and graduated from the Hungarian Academy o...
      • Orofino Alessandra
        Orofino Alessandra

        Orofino AlessandraOrofino Alessandra

        Alessandra Orofino is an urban participation advocate and an enthusiast of people-powered politics, Alessandra is the co-Founder and Executive Director of Meu Rio that develops tools for civic engagement and participation in Rio de Janeiro. A firm believer in reinventing representative democracy, Al...
      • Dávid Ferenc
        Dávid Ferenc

        Dávid FerencDávid Ferenc

        Biopolitics expert, with roots in deviance sociology, project manager at the Blue Point Foundation. He has been active in the Hungarian drugs field as an expert and moral entrepreneur for over a decade, both in interpreting the phenomena and tackling its challenges. Currently he is leading the Blue ...
      • Barabás Lőrinc
        Barabás Lőrinc

        Barabás LőrincBarabás Lőrinc

        Lőrinc started playing the trumpet at the age of 12 in a music school where he learnt classical music. He graduated from the Jazz Department of the Budapest Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music and later on completed a course in Electronic Music Production at the prestigious New York SAE Institute. He play...
      1900 - 21 00
      Drinks, Reception