TEDxDanubia 2011

2010-03-25 Uránia, 1088 Budapest, Rákóczi út 21.

The Power of Imagination


We explore and experience the power of imagination, try to understand what it is, how it works, why it matters so much... yet we cannot stop there. If we want to explore and experience its power, we need to venture beyond just these narrow confines and see it in action. We look for the most intriguing examples in all corners of our lives. For without imagination there is no art, no science, no innovation. We cannot access the realms of the big, the small, or the hidden. Without imagination there can be no empathy. We need it to have an idea of any reality other than our own. We also need imagination to render anything new, to go beyond what and how our world already is. We need it to create visions and without it we cannot discover hitherto undetected connections and relationships. Without imagination there can be no hope, and finally, above all and simply put, we need imagination to lead a life worth living... The TEDxDanubia 2011 conference took the audience on an adventure of the mind, an intellectual and emotional journey through five consecutive sessions:


0800 - 08 40
    0850 - 10 40
    Session 1: Exploring Within
    • Freund Tamás
      Freund Tamás

      Freund TamásFreund Tamás

      Tamás Freund world renowned neuroscience professor, winner of the prestigeous Bolyai prize. Dr. Freund is director of the Institute of Experimental Medicine at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, head of the Department of Neurosciences at Pázmány Péter Catholic University in Budapest and a former pre...
    • Julian Treasure
      Julian Treasure

      Julian TreasureJulian Treasure

      Julian Treasure studies sound and advises businesses on how best to use it. He wrote the book “Sound Business”, a complete introduction to harnessing the power of sound in business, from branding and marketing to the telephone, the web and physical spaces such as shops, restaurants, offices and rece...
    • Keren Hanan
      Keren Hanan

      Keren HananKeren Hanan

      Keren Hanan concert pianist, painter has given concerts in such culturally diverse locations as Israel, New York, Boston, Cyprus, Italy, London, Budapest, Vietnam and China. In order to gain a deeper understanding of art she lived in several countries around the globe. This multicultural background ...
    • Csermely Péter
      Csermely Péter

      Csermely PéterCsermely Péter

      Péter Csermely is a biochemist and professor at Semmelweis University. He is the chairman of LINK-group, an interdisciplinary group formed by researchers and research students to map the topology and dynamics of networks from amino acids to social networks and ecosystems. Not content to only researc...
    • Lakshmi Pratury
      Lakshmi Pratury

      Lakshmi PraturyLakshmi Pratury

      Lakshmi Pratury is the co-host of TEDIndia 2009 and founder of Ixoraa Media. Lakshmi began her business career at Intel, and then moved to a VC firm, where she focused on connecting India's legendary software-development community with US tech. She began to focus more strictly on relationship-buildi...
    1040 - 11 40
    Conversation break
      1140 - 13 20
      Session 2: Connecting the Dots
      • Csányi Vilmos
        Csányi Vilmos

        Csányi VilmosCsányi Vilmos

        Vilmos Csányi is an ethologist, author, professor. He has written forty-one books, including the university textbook on ethology and published around 200 scientific articles. The ethology department in Hungary grew out of his research. His recent academic career has focused on questions of human eth...
      • Carolyn Steel
        Carolyn Steel

        Carolyn SteelCarolyn Steel

        Carolyn Steel is an architect, lecturer and writer. Food is a shared necessity - but also a shared way of thinking. Looking at food networks offers an unusual and illuminating way to explore how cities evolved. Steel’s chief interest is in exploring the inner lives of cities, and her work has focuse...
      • Kelle Antal
        Kelle Antal

        Kelle AntalKelle Antal

        Antal Kelle examines the human reactions to and reflections changes through the medium of art. His works of art cannot be understood as only visual objects, they also have philosophical messages. Analogies can be suspected in the periodic circle of curiosity-cognition-alternation (or acceptance), wh...
      • Szvetelszky Zsuzsanna
        Szvetelszky Zsuzsanna

        Szvetelszky ZsuzsannaSzvetelszky Zsuzsanna

        "Zsuzsanna Szvetelszky is a social psychologist and gossip researcher. She studies and analyzes the informal networks within communities and companies and the dynamics of spreading networked information, beliefs and stories. Her scientific and applied research includes uncovering self-organising hie...
      • Papp Péter
        Papp Péter

        Papp PéterPapp Péter

        Péter Papp is a programmer mathematician, Chairman of kancellar.hu, Hungary’s leading IT security company, Honorary Associate Professor at Zrínyi Miklós National Defense University and owner of Hacktivity, the largest hacker conference in Eastern and Central Europe. His passion for IT and IT securit...
      • Tomicah Tillemann
        Tomicah Tillemann

        Tomicah TillemannTomicah Tillemann

        Tomicah Tillemann serves as the Senior Advisor for Civil Society and Emerging Democracies to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, prior to which he worked as speechwriter to the Secretary. Tomicah spent four years on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee as the principal advisor on European and Eura...
      1320 - 14 20
      Lunch break
        1420 - 16 10
        Session 3: Extraordinary Journeys
        • Kiss László
          Kiss László

          Kiss LászlóKiss László

          The youngest member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences - not a merit but just a state that will not last forever. His main research area is the astrophysics of stars and their planets, with an increasingly stronger emphasis on the applications of science communication. He is a scientist who is bel...
        • Galántai Zoltán
          Galántai Zoltán

          Galántai ZoltánGalántai Zoltán

          Zoltán Galántai is a futures researcher and writer. He published more than twenty books in the field of futures studies and the history of science and technology. As well as literary works and science fiction novels, he published a monograph about the cultural history of SETI (Search for Extraterres...
        • Korom Gábor
          Korom Gábor

          Korom GáborKorom Gábor

          Gábor Korom studies the relationship between people and dogs. Together with his colleagues he is the creator of a new paradigm in dog training called the Mirror Method, made possible by the development of human consciousness. Through the Mirror Method, dogs attain a high level of cooperation and ove...
        • Carin King
          Carin King

          Carin KingCarin King

          Carin King is a men's fashion and style expert, writer, speaker, producer. Founder and CEO of Purple Eagle, a dress sense agency for men. She started working in the fashion industry during her time at university and very soon after created her first PR and lifestyle agency for international fashion ...
        • Mandel Róbert
          Mandel Róbert

          Mandel RóbertMandel Róbert

          Róbert Mandel musician, musical instrument maker and historian, a specialist of Renaissance and Baroque instruments. He made his own instruments as faithful replicas of original museum pieces. He received a scholarship from the German Music Council to study musical instrument restoration in the Germ...
        • Stuart Schulzke
          Stuart Schulzke

          Stuart SchulzkeStuart Schulzke

          Stuart Schulzke narrowly avoided a legal career with a timely turn into new media. As co-founder and Director of Content Development of FORA.tv, a fast growing innovative new media enterprise, he has played a lead role in developing FORA.tv's partnerships and building a video library that now holds ...
        1610 - 17 10
        Conversation break
          1710 - 19 00
          Session 4: A New Beginning
          • Gabor George Burt
            Gabor George Burt

            Gabor George BurtGabor George Burt

            Gabor George Burt is an expert on strategy, innovation, creativity and business development. As a speaker, Gabor aims to provoke his audiences to overstep perceived limitations and mental boundaries that limit the growth of their business. He is actively involved in shaping strategy with a diverse g...
          • Karsai Gábor
            Karsai Gábor

            Karsai GáborKarsai Gábor

            Gábor Karsai is a philosopher, former rector and teacher of Tan Kapuja Buddhist College Budapest. Karsai was CEO of KOGART Holding Plc until its merger, becoming Deputy CEO of Bankár Holding Plc, the management group behind the wide ranging business interests of businessman Gábor Kovács, ranging fro...
          • Nic Marks
            Nic Marks

            Nic MarksNic Marks

            Nic Marks thinks quality of life is measurable, and that true contentment comes not from the accumulation of material wealth but from our connections with others, engagement with the world, and a sense of autonomy. As the founder of the Centre for Well-Being, he is particularly keen to promote a bal...
          • John Foppe
            John Foppe

            John FoppeJohn Foppe

            John Foppe is a motivational speaker who was born without arms and has had to re-think every aspect of day-to-day life. He learned that the inability to do something did not rest on the lack of resources or vision. Instead, it has more to do with one’s subconscious perception to meeting a challenge ...
          • Havasi Balázs
            Havasi Balázs

            Havasi BalázsHavasi Balázs

            Balázs Havasi pianist, composer, innovator has studied the profession of classical music, the lives and works of all the different masters for 30 years. He graduated from the Hungarian Academy of Music and spent several years teaching at the Conservatory in Budapest. He has been guided by one concep...
          1900 - 20 10
          Dinner & Drinks
            2010 - 20 30
            Special Evening Session: Dream Bubbles
            • Szépvölgyi Viktória
              Szépvölgyi Viktória

              Szépvölgyi ViktóriaSzépvölgyi Viktória

              Viktória Szépvölgyi musician, architecture critic, writer and a member of the new generation of theatre directors. Her work focuses on an interdisciplinary approach and explorative ways of expression and communication. Her first major piece as a director is called Negative Varieté, a silhouette perf...
            2030 - 23 00
            Drinks & Party