TEDxDanubia 2010

2010-01-27 Uránia, 1088 Budapest, Rákóczi út 21.

Our first event, TEDxDanubia 2010, offered an intensive and energizing program to an audience of 400+ people, gradually evolving from a range of rational and emotional talks to an amazing whole day spiritual experience. We would like to thank everybody who trusted and joined us in starting a new, open-minded community of thinkers and doers with a positive mindset. 


0845 - 09 00
Introduction: Why Are We Here?
    0900 - 10 10
    Session 1: A World We Could Live In
    • Hatvani Ádám
      Hatvani Ádám

      Hatvani ÁdámHatvani Ádám

      Ádám Hatvani works as an architect and a graphic designer, and he is also a founding member of the architect studio Sporaarchitects and of KÉK(Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre) . Sporaarchitects is a studio in Budapest brought to life by broad minded, young architects, designers and thinke...
    1010 - 10 50
    Conversation break
      1050 - 12 50
      Session 2: The Spirit of Change
      • Barabási Albert-László
        Barabási Albert-László

        Barabási Albert-LászlóBarabási Albert-László

        Albert-László Barabási is a Distinguished University Professor at Northeastern University, where he directs the Center for Complex Network Research, and holds appointments in the Departments of Physics, Computer Science and Biology, as well as in the Department of Medicine, Harvard Medical School an...
      • Mérő László
        Mérő László

        Mérő LászlóMérő László

        "László Mérő's original profession is mathematics, however later on he did his PhD in technical sciences (in artificial intelligence). At present, he is the professor of the Professional Team of Economic Psychology at ELTE. He is the founder and the professor of the Business Coach Training at KÜRT A...
      • Svékus Márton
        Svékus Márton

        Svékus MártonSvékus Márton

        Márton Svékus has nearly 15 years of experience in leadership development, consultancy and training – in Hungary and abroad (Switzerland, England and Germany). He set up and was the senior educational consultant at Bryanston Square, a London-based educational consultancy. He worked on the PPP redeve...
      1250 - 14 00
      Lunch break
        1400 - 15 30
        Session 3: Building a Better Future
        • Rachel Armstrong
          Rachel Armstrong

          Rachel ArmstrongRachel Armstrong

          Rachel Armstrong is co-director of AVATAR (Advanced Virtual and Technological Architectural Research) in Architecture and Synthetic Biology at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London (UCL). She is also a Senior TED Fellow, and Visiting Research Assistant at the Center for Fund...
        • Michel de Kemmeter
          Michel de Kemmeter

          Michel de KemmeterMichel de Kemmeter

          Michel de Kemmeter started his career as M&A consultant, but soon created his own company specialized in trouble shooting and renovation of natural stone. Besides running a successful company, he invested in real estate and wrote “Fortune de Briques”. Through these multiple activities, he invented a...
        • Sipos Melinda
          Sipos Melinda

          Sipos MelindaSipos Melinda

          Melinda Sipos is a Budapest based artist and interaction designer is currently doing the program direction of Kitchen Budapest. She was graduated as a glass designer at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design which was followed by a New Media Design post-graduation course in Paris (École Nation...
        • Mihály György
          Mihály György

          Mihály GyörgyMihály György

          György Mihály was the chairman of the Association of the Hungarian Film Distributors till 1997 and he is a member of the Presidency of the Hungarian Video Publishers Association. He is the president of ASVA – Public-Foundation of Protection of Audiovisual Copyright. Nowadays Mihály who is the pio...

        • Finta Sándor
          Finta Sándor

          Finta SándorFinta Sándor

          Sándor Finta has earned his degree in architecture in 2000 from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. After spending three years at Pálffy & Associates Inc. Architects & Planners (Budapest-Tokyo) he became the founder and CEO of Sporaarchitecs, an architect agency located i...

        1530 - 16 20
        Conversation break
          1620 - 18 10
          Session 4: A Different Point of View
          • Boldizsár Ildikó
            Boldizsár Ildikó

            Boldizsár IldikóBoldizsár Ildikó

            Ildikó Boldizsár, is a master-researcher, master-therapist, the candidate of ethnology and the founder of Metamorphoses Master-Therapeutic Method. She has published six novels and twelve children books. She has won the “Book of the Year” prize three times and in 2006 she was awarded with the “Józ...

          • Kiss Ulrich
            Kiss Ulrich

            Kiss UlrichKiss Ulrich

            "Ulrich Kiss J.S. a Jesuit father was born in Berlin where his parents lived as Hungarian diplomats. In 1956 they returned to Hungary, however, after a decade, he found himself in Germany again. In Leuven he received his bachelor degree in economics. In 1968, he took part in the Chartres Pilgrimage ...
          • Tasi István
            Tasi István

            Tasi IstvánTasi István

            "István Tasi cultural anthropologist and Vaishnava theologian. His research areas are Hinduism, comparative religion, cultural effects of the modern scientific worldview. As head of Vedic Science Research Center, he compares and contrasts Vedic knowledge and contemporary ideas in science. His books ...
          • Vicsek András
            Vicsek András

            Vicsek AndrásVicsek András

            András Vicsek has been dealing with organizational development, network research, executive selection and corporate training for more than a decade. He is a member of the Board at the Mérei Sociometry Workshop Association and at the Hungarian Psychodrama Association. He coordinates numerous network ...
          • Marján Attila
            Marján Attila

            Marján AttilaMarján Attila

            Attila Marján economist and a PhD in international relations – has been working on EU matters for more than a decade in Brussels. He is also professor of world economics, geopolitics and European affairs and author of half a dozen books. His latest book discusses how China and America sees Europe. H...
          • Hetesi Zsolt
            Hetesi Zsolt

            Hetesi ZsoltHetesi Zsolt

            Zsolt Hetesi graduated from ELTE (Eötvös Lóránd University) with a bachelor’s degree in physics and astronomy in 2003 and received his PhD in astrophysics in 2008. He has been lecturer at ELTE since 2003. His special field is cosmology and applied mathematical statistics in physics. Since 2007 he is...
          1810 - 18 50
          Conversation break
            1850 - 19 50
            Evening session: Unto the Magic Carpet
            • Gárdi Balázs
              Gárdi Balázs

              Gárdi BalázsGárdi Balázs

              Balazs Gardi photojournalist. After working for the leading Hungarian daily and for the largest international news agency, in 2003 he chose to work as an independent photographer focusing on people, who are socially marginalized or victimized by armed conflicts and natural disasters. His photos have...
            • Zwack Izabella
              Zwack Izabella

              Zwack IzabellaZwack Izabella

              Izabella Zwack was raised in a small village in one of Italy's more notable wine regions. In 1988 she joined her family upon their return to Hungary where her father got to work restoring the family business, producing the definitive Hungarian spirit, Unicum. As head of the Zwack Unicum Wines Divisi...
            • Zwack Péter
              Zwack Péter

              Zwack PéterZwack Péter

              "Peter Zwack returned to Hungary in 1987 and founded a joint venture company under the name: Zwack Unicum Budapest Ltd. In 1990, he was appointed as Ambassador of the Republic of Hungary in Washington. He received the George Washington Prize for his helping the 1956-Hungarian emigration. In 1994, he...
            2000 - 24 00
            Conversation – food – drinks