TEDxConversations Program

TEDxConversations Program

About the program

As part of the TEDxConversations program, we are looking for allies or ‘Ambassadors’ who would help to spread TED-like thinking in order to kick-start new dialogues. The program aims to assist the development of Hungary’s debating culture and help spread new ideas and initiatives, as the result of which the world may become a better place. We are inviting you to organize 4 mini-events throughout the year, small conversations-circles for friends or acquaintances to discuss important, meaningful topics.

The program was launched in 2016 for 30 eager TEDsters. We are now looking for applicants again to widen this circle of TED-enthusiasts who believe in what we believe in. As part of the program, we are inviting those chosen to head up TEDxConversations to organize an open, informal, friendly TED Salon on three out of the four proposed dates next year stimulating to-the-point, exciting conversations.  

While organizing TEDx events self-sufficiently, leaders of the TEDxConversations program will become part of our collective story, at the same time ambassadors of the TEDx mentality, similarly to the organizers of TEDx events. They will be part of the program for two years, organizing 4 debates or conversations on previously agreed days each year, with the help of the TEDxDanubia team. After two years, if they wish to do so, our Ambassador may embark on organizing their own TEDx Salons following TED’s approval and obtaining a license for the event.

Our aim is to help the formation of TEDx events countrywide and assist in divulgating the TED’s values in order to make our world a better place. 

Who is this for?

The program is designed for those who are eager to explore the unexplored together with their friends, who ally themselves with the TEDx Team to incite meaningful dialogues on serious topics and who believe that it’s worth the effort to shape our culture.

About the occasions

Content: The organizers of TEDxConversations will have almost complete freedom. All we will ask from you is to focus on the theme / concept / question raised by a local or international thinker, which will be provided for you to be used as the basis of your conversations. What direction the dialogue takes, what you will deem important about the topic and whether we agree on the manner or focus of the questioning will be up to you.

Format: The location, venue and context of the event will be completely up to the organizers - you may wish to enjoy a glass of wine, dine together, or have a cup of tea; stay at home or go out - all up to you. It will also depend on you whether you would like to include external performances during the course of your event.

Principles: All that we ask from you and all those who are accepted within the program is that you stay true to the spirituality of TED. Your event should be fuelled by the spirit of free, intellectual and open discovery, a quest for understanding our world and our common search for a path, the answer to real questions and games with positive outcomes without any ulterior motives. You should stir free from the promotion of political, religious or business objectives or platforms, even in a covert or implicit manner. Any practices falling under these categories would entail your exclusion from the program.

Timing: We will propose 4 dates in 2017/18. Out of the four proposed dates, you will need to choose three for organizing events.

Dates for 2017/18:

22 September 2017 - Lifelong learning - But what to learn and from whom?

24 November 2017 - Globalization - A blessing or curse?

9 February 2018 - What does technological development bring and where does it lead?

20 April 2018 - Male and female roles in the 21st century


How to take part?

To join the Conversation, get in touch with one of our Ambassadors.