TEDxDanubia Fellowship  Program

TEDxDanubia Fellowship  Program

About the program

The TEDxDanubia Fellowship program has been designed to help ideas turn into action and ultimately shape our shared reality and future.

We are looking to assist those, who can really make a difference: scientists, entrepreneurs, inventors, innovators, artists, exceptional talents, social and cultural change-makers with a vision, groundbreaking ideas and a realistic way to make it happen. We build on our diverse and powerful TEDxDanubia community to provide our Fellows with a network, exposure, expertise and mentoring to achieve their goals. You can either apply to be a Fellow or nominate someone who you think should be one.

We are aiming to support doers: inventors, advocates, filmmakers and photographers, musicians and artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, NGO heads, human rights activists and more.

The one-year Fellowship program offers:

-  The introduction of your project to the ever-growing TEDxDanubia community, resulting in potential partnerships, collaborations or support

-  Invitation to all TEDxDanubia public and private events – approximately 5 every year - to get connected and learn, including TEDxDanubia's annual big conference

-  Opportunity to be featured in our programme book for the annual conference and on our website

-  Opportunity to give a TED talk at a TEDxDanubia Salon event in order to spread your views and receive constructive feedback

-  Access to an exclusive private network of change-makers – TEDxDanubia Patrons, a group of about 100 TEDxDanubia supporters - to help succeed and use mentorship if needed

-  To be featured on our communications platforms 


Currently we are not accepting applications.

In the next application period, those should apply who:

-  Launched a business that is not only a successful enterprise, but promises to better the world by having a positive, propelling impact on the lives of millions,
-  Artists and scientist, who are the authors of a transformative story; those with a potential to influence and shape our common destiny,
-  Project leaders, who not only have a vision, but a ‘map’ to take them there, and who have set goals essential to our collective future.

The selection process

Fellows are selected across various disciplines based on the strength of their achievements, potential for impact and character. TEDxDanubia Fellows are selected by the program/curator team, through checking references and consulting with experts. Selections are made by the group as a whole, not by individuals. There is no algorithm for how we select our Fellows. We select Fellows based on their accomplishments in their respective fields, the potential impact of their work and also, most importantly, their character. The ideal applicant is passionate and is at a moment in their career to be able to maximize the support of the TEDxDanubia community and Fellowship program.

Expected results

We envision positive and tangible outcomes of the program as it is designed to help take your career forward. As a Fellow, you will be introduced into a powerful network of innovators, who could be your future collaborators. By attending and speaking at TEDxDanubia events, you not only have the ability to spread your message far and wide, but you will also meet people who may be able to boost your career. Aside from the conference, Fellows will have access to personal mentorship opportunities, speaker coaching and may receive financial support. But this program is also about improved self-esteem and a renewed sense of personal sustainability. Fellows can also develop long-term collaboration with each other and remain part of the community.

Privacy note

All applications and personal data will remain confidential and will be used for internal review and communication purposes only. We will never share your information with a third party.

During the Fellowship

All pre-conference and conference related events are intended for Fellows and conference attendees only. We cannot accommodate spouses, children or friends.

Support TEDxDanubia Fellows

Sponsoring the Fellowship program offers an excellent way for your company to achieve its corporate social responsibility, environmental or global citizenship goals. Contact us to explore whether a sponsorship might be right for your company.