Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Privacy policy

It is particularly important for us to not only plant the seeds of the extraordinary TED conference experience in Central Europe and to facilitate sharing and discussing valuable ideas, but also to respect the spirit of TED by forming the privacy policy and terms of use of the TEDxDanubia portal in line with TED’s own principles.

Therefore we have defined our privacy policy by implementing the TED Privacy Policy in the local legal environment, and we will observe these resulting principles throughout the development of our future community portal services:


1. We respect our users’ rights to privacy and to the proper management of personal information, and we will protect these rights by all reasonable means.


2. We would like to encourage and facilitate connection and discussion between the registered users of TEDxDanubia, but not if it violates our first principle.


3. We will never sell the data of the registered users of TEDxDanubia to any third party.


4. We will never display or provide any data of the registered users of TEDxDanubia to any third party without the users’ permissions.


5. We will make it possible for our registered users to determine which pieces of the information they provide in their user profiles would be shown to other people.


6. We will take all reasonable legal steps to ensure that any financial information that our registered users provide is stored securely. We will implement only secure payment solutions in our portal. Should we decide to integrate credit card payments or other online financial services, we will not collect financial information (credit card numbers, cardholder’s name or other transaction data) and consequently we will not store such information. When integrating online payment solutions we will only sign contracts with reliable third party financial service providers (e.g. banks), who use secure transaction gateways, thus no financial information will be submitted in our portal system apart from the date, success or failure of online transactions.


7. We ask the registered users of TEDx Danubia to respect the privacy preferences, copyrights and intellectual property of other TEDx members.


8. We ask the registered users of TEDx Danubia to remember that any information they choose to post publicly (comments, photos, videos) on this community portal is, of course, visible to other TEDx members, thus public.


9. If you have any concern about privacy violations, please contact us.


In addition to the above the principles we are also legally bound to observe the formal and legal requirements defined by TED in their license given to TEDx events.


According to the TED license requirements, all official TEDx events record the talks on video (and audio) as well as photographs, which may later be used, edited or published by the organizers of the TEDx events through online video and photo sharing portals, and these recordings are also submitted to TED for reviewing and publishing. The speakers and attendees of TEDx events will or may appear on these videos and photographs, while the speakers will also be named, and all speakers and attendees accept such public appearance in accordance with the public nature of TEDx events.


Data from other community portals (e.g. TED, Facebook, Twitter, Ning, iWiW, etc.) used in the communication of TEDx events may be displayed as automated embedded elements in this portal. However, we do not have a control over the privacy and moderation policies of such community portals, so the management and appearance of personal information shared through other community portals will, of course, be subject to the privacy policies and terms of use of other online service providers.


Our servers automatically collect and store the IP addresses, OS types and versions, and web browser types and versions of our registered users along with some other technical data. This information will only be used in aggregated statistical forms in order to fix errors or improve the functions of our online services. This information is not connected by any means with the personal information that our registered users submit to our portal.


Some of our online services send a cookie to the computers of our users. Cookies are only used to facilitate the authentication and personalization of our services. We do not use cookies for any other purposes. Accepting cookies is not a requirement of using our services, however disabled cookies may prevent the personalization of various online services, while the viewing of certain content available for registered users will only be technically possible from computers that are configured to accept cookies.