How Can You Attend?

How Can You Attend?

The application process for TEDxDanubia is similar to the one of a larger TED events. First, you will need to register a user account profile on our website. After logging in, just select the event and apply by using the 'Apply' button on the event page.

Wait for the approval email after the relevant application round (see below).

If your application is approved you will be issued a payment request to transfer the attendance fee or pay online by card. Once you paid for the ticket, just check your invoice and bring it along to the event.

1. Registration and Confirmation email

When registering, we will ask you to enter your personal data, a short personal introduction and three keywords or ideas that you are passionate about to facilitate conversation at our events and to help us evaluate the applications. The three keywords will also be printed on your badge under your name to help other TEDxDanubia participants engage in a worthwhile conversation with you.

You can always modify your profile data later at ‘My Profile’, but please note that once the application process is closed, your badges including the keywords will be sent to print. Because of this, last minute keyword changes will not be updated on your badge.

User accounts registered before March 2014 on our previous website and event application system remain valid, therefore no re-registration will be required unless you want to use a new email address for communication. However, for security reasons we have to ask all users registered before March 2014 to confirm their email addresses and to change their password when logging in to our new website. 

2. Event Application

Registered users (through both websites) can apply to any upcoming event(s) separately after logging in. Application is not automatic to any of our events. We prompt you to enter your invoicing name and address at the time of application to simplify the process, so no repeated login is necessary for payment. However we will only issue an invoice and payment request once your application has been accepted for the next TEDxDanubia event.

3. Approval of Applications

Applications are approved in rounds of 2-4 week long periods depending on the type of event. Naturally, the earlier one applies to an event, the larger the chances of having the application approved. The approval or rejection of the application will be sent out within 5 days of the closing of each application period.

TEDxDanubia 2018 – Application rounds

•   Pre-application: 23 – 31 May

•   First application round: 1 – 30 June

•   Second round: 1 – 31 July

•   Third round: 1 – 31 August

•   Fourth round: 1 – 30 September, subject to available places

•   Fifth round: 1 – 31 October, subject to available places

•   Sixth round: in November, subject to available places


4. Payment and Invoicing

You will receive a notification email about the results of your application. Payment requests are sent out via email to all accepted participants by, the largest Hungarian electronic invoicing system. In case of credit card payment the ticket purchase can be completed by clicking on the online payment link sent in the payment request. The issued invoices and payment requests will also be made available for download from our new application system after signing into your user account. Your application status can also be tracked at your Profile page. 

The participation fee also covers food and drink at the day of the event and will be displayed on the final invoice as a separate entry in accordance with Hungarian tax laws. Purchased tickets are not refundable and/or transferable.

5. Bring along the printed or electronic version of your ticket and an ID card to the event.

This year, we will register participants via scanning the unique bar code on your ticket. Do not forget to bring the printed or electronic version of your ticket to the conference!

If you have any questions regarding the registration / application process please contact us at