About TEDxDanubia

About TEDxDanubia


TEDxDanubia is the first independently organized official conference in Hungary held in the spirit and under the umbrella of the famous international TED conferences. It aims to bring the remarkable and unique TED experience to Budapest. We would like innovative, exciting and inspiring thinkers and doers from all areas of life to gather and share their thoughts and experiences to gain new insights, values and understanding.

Why Danubia?

In July 2009 at TEDGlobal in Oxford, Parag Khanna revealed his theories about the geopolitical map and challenges of the world. Based on his findings, we agree with his thinking that we could build a better, more effective world if we focus less on the lines that signify borders on a map and more on the lines of infrastructure and geography that transcend these borders. Thus they connect people and not the geopolitical map. Danubia stands for this principle and symbolizes the cross-border and interdisciplinary communication and thinking unravelled through Khanna's thought.

Who is TEDxDanubia for?

We are expecting and inviting those who are curious, who have ideas to share, and those who care and dare to make changes that matter.

TEDx Danubia is inviting people who...

...are curious, who strive to have a better, deeper understanding of themselves and our world, who enjoy and see the value in looking beyond the borders of their immediate area of expertise, even more, know that this curiousity is the ticket to success in the 21st century

...believe in ’possibility’, who focus on how we can do it as opposed to why it cannot be done, who – despite the current state of affairs – believe that it is worth the effort and it is possible to create a better world based on common sense and sensible cooperation

...have experienced the joy of creation, who understand that creating value through our work and personal life is a vital part of happiness, who understand and mind the difference between living and „just” making a living 

...feel the need and the urgency for change and real solutions, who know that we are facing structural challenges that cannot be solved by simply putting bandaids over them, who dare face real transformation and new paradigms, who see that we need a deeper understanding and new ways to cooperate to get out of the mess we have created.

Why we do it?

TEDxDanubia is a non-profit initiative based on the principles of social entrepreneurship, by which we simply mean that we place a good and inspiring cause at the centre of our efforts and activities. Apart from the direct costs associated with the conferences and organization, we use all income to foster this cause and help a community form around it. We plan to do this (in case there are enough of us who share this view) by creating an open system that builds on common efforts and shared energy to create new value for all of us.

We define our good and inspiring cause as follows:

We aim to create a platform for free-spirited and joyful interdisciplinary exploration, conversation and cooperation in our region. A platform that helps us in bridge chasms and cross borders both in terms of geography and fields of expertise. All around the world and across various scientific fields there is a major trend of shifting paradigms: it is the common sense of life itself arising from interdisciplinary thinking and conversations finding its way back to fertilize knowledge gained through centuries of ever more intense specialization. We need a platform to promote and facilitate this process to create a better life for ourselves and to be an integral and valuable part of this changing world.

We aim to create an environment and atmosphere in which visions of a better, more effective, yet human faced and sustainable future are possible. Where having such visions (and having faith in them) is not stifled instantly by cynicism. Where such ideas and visions may be nurtured, developed and shared. Where curious people from all walks of life sharing this attitude may gather to find knowledge, wonder and inspiration, and from which joint efforts may arise to make some (or all) of these visions a reality. We believe the existence of such an environment is vital to our renewal, development and success.

Both of these aims point us in a direction where we see cooperation with like-minded people and causes is the natural way to go forward. We believe that instead of the largely parallel efforts, organizations with essentially similar goals (i.e. in the spirit of working towards a better, more effective, yet human faced and sustainable future) could be linked up in a loose, not institutionalized, but easily accessible, flexible and synergic network. Therefore we plan to support, catalyze and build on the emergence of such a network of causes.